Rare Creatures

For another contest, I was looking for a creature type nobody else did and I came across a creature type with only 8 cards. Now, I didn't get an entry in on time, but I have been thinking of doing this contest ever since. So, here we have, Rare Creatures. Make a creature card of a rare creature. Ends May 19th.
1. For it to be a rare creature, there has to be less than 20 cards of them.
2. Only 1 entry.

3rd Place: 2 favorites of choice
2nd Place: 3 favorites of choice
1st Place: A follow or 4 favorites of choice.

Here is a list of creature types and the amount. It is only up to Ixalan, so if anyone can find a more up to date list, it would be very much appreciated. http://www.smileylich.com/mtg/magocracy/Magocracy_C1.html


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