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  • What did I miss? Why are my flowers bad
  • Whistler had heard other contestants talk about a mysterious shop that only magical beings could see. He headed downtown and, sure enough, the shop was there, just as he expected. Two thoughts struck him as he entered. First, the shop was empty, except for Whistler and a mysterious figure in the back. Second, nearly every item in the shop gave off an immense magical aura. Whistler approached the man in the back. "Greetings, shopkeeper." The automaton said unemotionally. "Do you have any items that might assist me?"
    The Merchant sighed. "Not unless you're willing to give up a couple of your arms."
    "I am afraid I cannot." Whistler retorted.
    "Then we have no further business." The Merchant said. "Enjoy the tournament."
    Whistler left the shop empty-handed. On his way back to the tavern, he began planning.
    "That shopkeeper had darksteel in his possession. He must know something about Mirrodin." Whistler's internal monologue whispered. "Further study is required." When Whistler got back to the tavern, he noticed that the fairy contestant, Tai, had gotten into some sort of altercation. He completely ignored the scene and went back to his corner to think about the mysterious shop.
  • @pjbear2005 they thought it was something else, I guess I didn’t make that clear. Your flowers are great, in fact, Tai is carrying the ones you gave to her to her match.
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    Requested Recap for @TenebrisNemo It can be hard to keep up with all the stories going on I'm sure.


    Watching the match conclude between Karnas and Roland gave Ronnie familiar chill up his spine. Many times he has seen this scene before where his comrades had fallen to a much bigger threat.
    Reaching inside his pocket he finds a familiar form, smooth and reassuring to the touch. It brought him comfort.


    His lucky coin he called it. It was a gift from his late mother and he always kept it close.

    But in his upcoming match


    might be more useful, but he knew not to rely on it completely he reminded himself. Every bit helps in a fight, no matter how insignificant it might seem at first.
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    ( @LGGisbert - I don't understand your question. If you mean how many stages a champion has, then it's 3. )
  • Vir reveals that recent happenings were not real, but merely a figment of people's imaginations. He was testing out some memory insertion spells and suggestion magic that he recently learnt; it was a bit too strong, seemingly. Vir apologises for the delay caused to the tournament.

    "Sorry about that, folks; let the tournament continue!"

    People return to their regular lives, while also being in awe of the power of Vir Azmani, the Grand Magus Returned.
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  • Tai hurried over to her friends and spoke over the chatter, “I am dying to enter my match!”

    Jahazra stepped in, “Me as well, Good luck!”

    “You too!” Tai said.

    Tai, Sylva, Nya, Pele, and Jaholion walked back together all smiling.

    Sylva shouted to Tai, “Wanna train?”

    “Of course.”

    Tai insisted that all of them go against her for practice. It was incredibly hard. Tai flew up high. Down on the ground Jahazra gasped with Tai as well. Vines were seemingly out of reach. When they reached her height, they would fall, but not Jaholion’s thopters! Jaholions thopters were immune to her powder, so she had to battle them off with her rose. Jahazra smiles as if she had a plan. Tai did as well, she saw her weakness as she gasped while Jahazra saw hers.

    Tai swooped down laughing, and suddenly, a vine that held Sylva threw her at Tai. Tai summoned a blast of red powder in the air, slamming her on the ground, knocking her out. Pele’s flames couldn’t reach her but vines could. Nya’s vines caught her and Pele set fire to them. Jaholion filled some of his thopters with fire and they flew up to dump it on Tai.

    Tai shouted as some fire burned through her wing. She surrounded herself with healing powder and let it cement with the flames. Tai was satisfied.

    One thopter rammed into it and fell. Jahlion jumped and threw some little metal critters at Tai’s sheild, they ate it away! Tai took her chance and let the flames swallow the critters as she peeled herself off the vine and plummeted to the ground. Nya raised her staff and swung. Tai tossed some purple powder at Nya, weakening her accuracy as she accidentally smashed Jaholion. Pele took her advantage, she pulled out a fire lotus as Nya tripped. She threw it at Tai setting fire to her pouch. Tai grinned. She tossed her pouch off and it exploded. Nya shot up and Pele was blasted backwards into a wall. She got up groggily. Now, Pele threw another fire lotus in the air, having a plant like structure, Nya directed it to Tai’s Head, knocking her out. Nya healed them.

    “Nice job Tai,” Nya said, “That was quite a battle.”
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    @everybody why don’t we form training groups?


    Tai’s Training Group (started by @shadow123)


    The person who starts it is kind of the administrator of the group and they make choices for who wants to come in. Everyone writes though and it seems like a great way to advance characters. Especially ones who can’t talk like @Lujukul’s Gyar.
  • @TenebrisNemo so i am asking:How many signature cards can we do in all the Tournament
  • @LGGisbert

    You get to make signature cards again in the semi-finals.
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    @shadow123 Do you wanna train one last time before the fight?
  • why not? You wanna write it @pjbear2005?
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    Pele's hands lit on fire she realized she would have to try harder to beat Tai. Tai was starting to fly into the air, she needed to get to Tai before she got too high.

    Before she could react Tai threw some black dust in her eyes blinding her, She shot fire all around her hoping to hit her. She dodged her every move until the last blast when her eyes started to clear.

    She had made a quick plan that she hoped worked. A burning sensation went through her arms as they lit, Tai threw some more powder but even with the heat-proof dust the fire burnt through the dust and then she grabbed one of her vials of red dust infused fire. She threw the vial below Tai which exploded into a fiery inferno, Luckily because she had the fire lotus she wasn't burnt to a crisp but she was weakened.

    Pele shot small fireballs out and created a Faerie half the size of Tai which flew into her and distracted her while Tai swung her rose at the illusion while trying to throw dust at Pele. While distracted Pele took the opportunity to knock her out.
  • ( @LGGisbert - It depends how far your champion will go. If you make it all the way to the finals, a minimum of 2 signature cards should be made for your champion by then. This stage's signature card is purely optional. )


    ( It seems like a wild hurricane keeps visiting this tournament, but remember; No matter how much a wind howls, the mountain can not bow to it.

    Tourach has been removed from the tournament. Everything what her lost creator writes here does not have any effect on this game or the world itself, where your champions dwell.

    Since many people want it, I will return @Corwinnn's Mariko to the tournament. She will fill the spot, which was left open by the removed contestant.

    So the 10th match will look like this:

    @Corwinnn VS @Lujikul
    image VS image

    The third match between Jazhara and Tai will be held soon, so stay tuned! )
  • Third Match - Preparations

    It was that time of the morning again when Sir Killian Flainor would personally come to the tavern of contenders and wake everyone up. The sun was shining in the blue sky, where only a few clouds sailed. It was a nice change after the rain, which came when the second match ended the day before. When Killian knocked at every room and walked out from the tavern, the elf druid Jazhara followed him and decided to accompany the knight.

    "Good morning, Sir Killian. You may not remember, but I'm-"

    "Morning, Jazhara. And yes, I do remember each contestant's name unlike our merfolk host."

    "Funny. I would've thought a wizard like him would be good at remembering things."

    "Personally I think that he won't bother to remember certain things."

    "I see," Jazhara said and stretched her arms. "By the way, where the third match will be held?"

    "At the same place, where first one was held; in the backwoods. The hosts thought that it would be the most suitable arena for an elf and a faerie."

    Killian and Jazhara were heading at the town gates, where Gaspar was speaking with a squad of riders. The judge had his usual, noble suit and grumpy look as he was giving orders to the eight tournament soldiers. Then they left with haste and ventured deeper into the forest until they vanished into the shadows of the distant trees. Judge Gaspar turned around and saw Killian and contender Jazhara.

    "Morning, lord Gaspar," the knight greeted while raising his right hand. "Where did you send those men?"

    "To the north. Something has happened in the town of Igana, but we're not really sure what exactly. Eternstor's mayor has been asked to send forces to help out other cities' soldiers, and I decided to send some of our own as well."

    "Hmm... If you want to, I can go there personally. I am Friyena's knight after all."

    "No, Killian. This tournament round needs to be over with as fast as possible, and it wouldn't happen if some hosts were absent."

    ( @icyyou & @shadow123 )

    A dwarf jumped off from a horse when he arrived at the gates next to the two hosts and the elf contestant. He jogged around the streets and sometimes stopped at the crossroads. Whenever he did, he took a list from his pocket and began announcing in an audible voice.

    "The match between Jazhara and Tai will be held at the backwoods in two hours!"

  • The street announcer’s voice was very loud. It stirrred up almost every place in the city and even more, Tai’s place. They all looked at Tai, wishing her luck. Tai grinned. Tai hurried back upstairs and gathered her items she wanted to bring inside. Tai took her five powders: healing, Destruction, draining, illusion, sleep, she also took her two fire lotuses that were gifted to her by Pele, her rose, and a shining crystal gifted to her.

    “I gotta go guys,” Tai said, “Wish me luck.”

    Nya and Pele just smiled, Sylva hugged her. You were my friend from the very start.
  • Zintius was getting better as he studied the abilities of the other contenders.
    Today was another match, another opportunity to get better, and Zintius wasn't going to waste it.
    He now knew a few ways to beat Karnax, the dragon, Vir, the mage, and soon, he would know another.
  • Koorir has been studying his opponents in the battles that preceded his own. After watching the first two matches he fears that the mage could be an issue. Not to worried about fighting the dragon though he wish for it to win its next fight.

    Soon though, would come his turn to rise above his opponent. Like the Mraum fell in the pass to his blade so would Miro. Guns or no guns Koorir still had faith in the land and the beings of the land.
  • While Tai was walking to the stadium she found Mariko.

    “Hey Tai” She said.

    “Hi Mariko,” Tai said as she pushed past the dozens of people in the crowded streets, “I’m so happy you’re back. Welcome!”

    Mariko blushed.

    “See you in the stadium!” She called.
  • Third Match - Beginning

    The midday sun cast a light upon Eternstor and the world around it. Many people of the port town had once again taken a break from their daily duties and traveled to the forest arena, where two contestants of the tournament will fight and only one will emerge victorious. As usual, the hosts, the man with the top hat, the contestants, and the civilians had arrived to the wooden stands to sit down and enjoy the show. Soldiers guarded the spectators and the healers stood ready within the white tent right next to the arena.

    Jazhara walked to the middle of the arena while her tiny opponent, Tai, flew with her little wings at her position in the arena. They both looked at the audience. There wasn't as many people as there was in the previous match, but Jazhara could recognize the few faces of the humans she had helped during her time in Eternstor. Tai smiled as she looked at her friends. Sylva, Nya, Jaholion, and Pele were in the row of the contestants, awaiting to see their little friend finally fighting in the match.

    Sir Killian walked onto the wooden podium and turned to look at the audience. "Greetings, ladies and gentlemen! Today we're about to witness as yet another two contestants will fight to get a step closer to championship! But before we begin, there are some news, which we, the hosts, need to share. Tourach has willingly left the tournament and Eternstor to give her spot to another, more ambitious contestant. This new contestant is not known by many, but her family has participated in earlier tournaments! She is a woman, who looks after even the most helpless people. My dear people, let me present you Gyar's future opponent; Mariko of the Blessed!"

    Mariko stood up and bowed at the people, who gave her a round of applause. When it was over and the newest contestant sat down, Killian raised his right hand at Jazhara's direction.

    "This young druid is an elven prodigy from the tribe of Hyro! She has the sacred ability to communicate with nature itself, and today she will use it to step onto round two of this tournament! The name which is already known by many of you; Jazhara!"

    People clapped and cheered the elf's name, especially the farmers. Then Killian raised his left hand at Tai's direction.

    "This young faerie came through a portal of a distant world to sign up for this tournament in Eternstor! Since then, she has trained hard and developed bonds with other contestants! The midnight faerie, who is an expert of tricks; Tai!"

    The people cheered the faerie's name while they clapped for her. Once it was done, Killian continued.

    "The loser of this match may face death, but do not forget, my dear people: Our heroes will never die as long as we have faith in them!"

    Tournament staff and even some few people in the audience repeated the saying. Finally, Killian turned around to look at the two preparing contestants. He raised his both hands towards them.

    "Let the third match begin!"
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  • Tai looked up to Mariko and she smiled back at her. Then she found Nya and Sylva they gave her a grin too. Tai grinned.
  • @TenebrisNemo I like that ide
  • @TenebrisNemo Sounds good to me as well.

    (Please win Tai! Please!)
  • @jpastor @Bobman111 Sylva runs up to Tai and gives her a big bear hug. "You are going to do great!" Then she squeezes her again even harder. "And that one was for luck," she exclaimed. Then she turned to Nya. "I can only think of one good thing about us fighting each other in the first round," She said. "What is that?" Nya asked sounding slightly amused. "At least one of our group of best buds gets to go to the next round. Even if I lose to you I'll still try to stay and watch you if I can. Can we make one agreement?" "What is that?" "That we won't kill each other in our upcoming match." ( @Bobman111 your turn.... )
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