WinnerIsTheJudge (Week 6) "Uncommon nonland, noncreature."

OFFICIAL 'WinnerIsTheJudge' RULES:
1) This contest will last exactly one week.
2) Limit of 2 entries max per person. Cards can be swapped out any time before the contest ends.
3) No old cards.
4) Top 3 winners will be announced, whose names shall be forever engraved in the HALL OF FAME
5) After the contest is judged, the first place winner gets to decide what the next weekly challenge is and become the new judge. So only enter if you are willing to host the next challenge.

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This week's challenge is to create an Uncommon card that's neither a Land nor a Creature.

image image image
image image image

1. Cards can be edited and switched out before the due date.
2. No broken joke cards, but humor can be involved.
3. Credit the artist.

Presentation, art selection, templating, spelling, balance, creativity and flavor.

1st: 1 favorite of his or her choice (at my discretion), and a token of them in this set -

2nd Place
- A fave on your entry!

3rd Place
- A fave on your entry!

Some of you may not have been informed (or noticed), but I favorite only the cards that have
won contests I've (co)hosted, this makes "Faiths_Guide Faves" very rare... I do make
supplemental faves with my @jd_artwork account though.

The top 3 winners will also be added to the -HALL OF FAME-!

Post your entries before the contest's due date, which is 15th of April 2018.

If you need help on posting images/links, check out this guide:
Brief guide to uploading linked pictures/images in comments! (W/ Visual Aid)


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