Memorial day 2018 Contest

I thought in honor of what day is is we should do something for it. I thought we should create monuments to the fallen characters as they did for this card.


I also created one of my own for Radiant


The idea is the card should honor a fallen character, whether be a legendary creature or Planeswalker and mimic their abilities in some way. Whatever or whomever it is. It does not have to be an Angel despite both examples being one. (though there's alot of dead ones lately.) Permanents can be artifacts, enchantments or lands. I suppose if you got a really good Legendary Instant or Sorcery that somehow works for said character Go for it.

I'd accept any cards that meet the requirements new or old , I doubt too many people made the proper cards ahead of time but if you did, more power to you.

This for fun so generally I favorite the entries, but if you do something awesome, I will favorite something else as well. I figure will let it run for the week incase anyone misses today, or whenever interest flatlines heh.


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