Esper animalia, Phyrexian fauna ~ Make a colored artifact creature *CIRCUIT CHALLENGE*(RESULT POSTD)

New Phyrexia is one of my favorite sets flavorfully. I love its menacing artifact creatures especially the colored artifact ones like porcelain legionnaire.

So for this contest, I'd like you to make artifact creatures using the new colored borders!

1. Must be a colored artifact creature card
2. Older, updated cards ACCEPTED this time. I know many made some probably that we want to update now.
3. Up to two entries per participant.
4. Formatting, flavor, balance, templating, proper grammar all matter and will affect your chances of winning!

1st place: PREMIUM SUBSCRIPTION, 8 favorites of your choice, and 1 whole circuit point!!!
2nd place: 5 favorites of your choice and 3/4 circuit point!!
3rd place: 3 favorites of your choice and 1/2 circuit point!
Honorable mentions (5): 1 favorite of your choice and 1/4 circuit point!

I'm not necessarily looking for the most super powerful, ability full creatures, but creatures rather that explore the fauna and animalia of what these creatures would be like. Cool original mechanics or clever usage of old ones are of course going to stand out but also a simple, common colored artifact creature can feel special to me in its own way.

Contest ends Friday, June 16th at midnight.

Good luck everyone, enjoy.


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