Coming Soon: Official Custom Artwork Contest

This post is not an actual contest, but its an early heads up for all you artists and cardmakers out there.

The next official contest theme is going to be about custom artwork - drawn by you (or your partner). The artwork must be a completely original work that you own. We have a lot of talented creators and artists on this site, so soon you will have a chance to share what you've got.

The contest won't take place until July, but this early warning is to give everyone time to be prepared. More details forthcoming!


ps. Yes, there will absolutely be fabulous prizes!


  • @mtgcardsmith Could we get some basic rules restrictions before the contest starts? Making art takes a lot of time I don't have (but will inevitably squeeze in because I love the site)!! i.e. is there some sort of basic theme to adhere to or are we just... you know... "doing art"

    I totally understand if you can't/aren't ready.

  • The only rule I can think of is No Bidoofs?
  • Ah my talent with stick figure art will finally be recognized
  • Same lol like is quality of art an important factor? *wink wink*
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    Wonder if I had any influence on this idea of a contest...(jk but i did ask about an idea similar to this early in june! :p) This is too cool. Cant wait to see what other cardsmiths crank out! :)
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    @Djayhero - I've been a big fan of your stick figure art since I found out about it like a minute ago!!
  • I may not be a great artist, but I'll give this a shot.
  • I've never drawn anything halfway decent before but I'm going to try this. Already practicing. :))
  • I wish @NILgravity was still here! He was making cards with his original art everyday. His cards were deleted in purge but I reprinted some of his cards:

  • I'll give this my best shot!
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    There was a mythic in the first of the Dominaria prize packs that I won from the Warlock Contest. It was Karn.
  • Kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarn!
  • @Corwinnn The Wrath of Karn, eh?
  • Good thing I’ve been practicing my drawing!
  • LoL @Dechujoh64 - At least someone noticed it!
  • "How many times can you rebuild a plane... on Dominaria, we've lost count." - Aryanf loves that line from the Dominaria trailer.
  • @sorinjace quoted that wrong but it's okay.
  • Two questions: when will this start and can someone tell me if my card idea is too op?:
    Card name: Farmer of Form/Stealer of Shape (haven’t decided)
    Mana cost: 5 anything 3 white color: colorless
    Type/subtype: Creature - elemental
    Text: when this creature enters the battlefield and at the beginning of your upkeep, tap three other creatures you control. This creature’s power and toughness become equal to one of those creature’s power and toughness, it’s color, mana cost, and creature type become another’s color, mana cost and creature type, and it gains another’s keywords and abilities until your next upkeep.
    Power/toughness: 0/0
  • @baryonyx69
    For both names, I think they'd sound better without "of" - Form Farmer, or, Shape Stealer (but that's only a preference). Perhaps even blended - Form Stealer

    You're saying the cost is {5}{w}{w}{w}, correct?

    There are, unfortunately, a lot of issues with this IMO. First of all, it isn't nearly powerful enough (even at a muuuuch lower cost). It requires that you control four creatures to not simply die on ETB and if your opponent kills any of them it would die on upkeep.

    I think your best bet is to come up with another wacky idea and spend a little more time refining it (I'm always happy to help if able)!
  • @Faiths_Guide thanks for the input, and yes it is {5}{w}{w}{w}. It’s been a while since I made a card last. As for the idea, I could use some help. I was going to try something else anyway because I messed up the drawing today.
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    @baryonyx69 how've you been?

    Here's some more thoughts on your card. Hopefully it will help and keep it as true to your original concept.

    Converted Mana Cost: {4}{w}{w}

    Type/subtype: Creature - Elemental

    Rules text: "Flash

    When (this creature) enters the battlefield, you may tap another target creature you don't control. That creature don't untap during it's controllers next untap step.

    Power/toughness: 6/6"

    Rarity: Rare


    It may not be what you hoped for but maybe
    this will grow on you? Hope it helps!
  • Huh. My only question would have to be, does pixel art count? I've made a few custom amonkhet token frames with such (I wish there was a way to use them here, hint hint) and I'm working on two token proxy's.
  • All artwork counts, as long as you created it and it follows the content rules of the site!
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    @mtgcardsmith, does the artwork have to be good? I have an amazing imagination and can picture such beautiful things in my head but I a) have no artistic talent, b) dont have any design software, nor do I have a scanner to upload handrawn, c) even if I was half decent, I don't think that I would be able to do my images in the detail I imagine them in.

    tl;dr: I suck at art and I was wondering how much that would decrease my chances of winning. (Not even winning a good prize, but anything, really.)
  • @Corwinnn, if bidoofs are allowed then I have a chance as one of the only things that my brother can draw very well is a bidoof.
  • I can't draw either but it's not stopping me from trying. I'm so excited for this!
  • It wont stop me from doing the drawing either. (and by me I meant forcing my bro to spend a day to do it
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