Revamp the Old

This is pretty simple. It is like the cardsmith chain. Except you are remaking other card smiths cards.

As you all probably know your first card was probably not good. So what other people do is remake it.

Here is how:
1. Pick a cardsmith
2. Locate their first card (Not a land or token; an "actual card")
3. Remake it, but better (it doesnt have to be the same art) (Keep it very similar)
4. Present the card and the old card and ping the other smith.

I dont know depends how much popularity this attracts


  • So... I like the concept, but define better.

    a) More polished in formatting
    b) More Balanced
    c) ??
    d) All of the Above
  • D @Ranshi922 . Whatever u think needs fixing

    I will post an example soon.
  • Cool. I'm looking forward to seeing a revamped "Saint of Giving"
  • It will be later tonight bc I have hw
  • edited October 2018
    This is a cool contest, and it's a shame that it didn't pick up. However, I will create a card for this, to see if I can get more people to post entries.

    Whose first card will I be remaking? I'm going to say that, as this is a chain, and nobody else has posted, I guess that I will be remaking the one of the person who started the thread, @DoctorFro !

    His first card vs my Revamped version:

  • Oooooh noice I like it thank you @Aggroman15
  • @DoctorFro I had this exact idea for a contest but there was a couple reasons I decided to fall back on it, I thought I saw you had made this last month but wasn't for certain; that being said I might drop an entry or two here, the problem with this contest is that not everyone has their first cards they ever made, myself included. So I suggest having contestants pick out something they'd like to recreate respectfully, because really this is territory that you need to be careful treading on; not everyone will be happy to see their card(s) recreated, which is why I fell back from this contest idea ultimately.

    I remember one time in mystery box challenge (I believe? I can't remember, many contests ago) we had to hit the random card option and redo what card came up. That was awesome, and this contest reminds me of that.
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