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  • And picking JUST four was very difficult!
  • @Corwinnn damn that's an old-ass card of mine. I can't believe I haven't gone back to update the border...maybe it's cause I can't re-find the artwork
  • Here are 3 (If I come up with a fourth, I'll post it later):
    Sleepwalker by @Yururu
    This design remains one of my favorites that I have seen on this site. I do believe it is a bit abusable, but overall I love the concept and the unique flavor and mechanics of it.

    What's Yours is Mine by @modnation675 (@murkletins)
    This was the first card that I saw of @modnation675, and when I first saw it (in the original form, it was revised later on), I thought "that doesn't work in the rules!" This was the first card that taught me to go beyond what the rules say or can do, and while any of @modnation675's designs could've done that, this was has stuck with me (Admittedly partly because it's 'tamer' than some of their designs, and I generally prefer the structure of the rules to start off with.)

    Messenger of Law by @Phelgming
    I didn't choose this card simply because of what it did, but rather also because of how it is a representation of the creator, @Phelgming, themselves. It is the advocate for order, that knows there is a certain way for things and urges others to follow that way, and in that way is exactly what @Phelgming does on MTGC. I have had my own disagreements with @Phelgming, but they fill an important role in this community, and as @Faiths_Guide pointed out in his card, they are a 'necessary evil' (

  • Lord of War was a good movie @TheCenterOfTheUniverse (doubt you don't know this, but just in case you don't, Lord of War made that line famous. Nicolas Cage says it, "Unfortunately for you, I'm a necessary evil.")
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    Ok now that I see what is going on with this discussion better, here I changed two of my original entries. (sorry guys!) I thought at first this was about cards that barely got any recognition but was very cool cards.

    That said, I kept two I want on this list for sure, and I put down two fresh ones.

    1) by @ASubtleGhost

    This card was created for my old contest "out of this world"involving aliens vs humans, and I haven't forgotten about Trevor Klenn! Very underrated and powerful creature, worth play testing, most certainly deserves more favorites. Hopefully you guys will enjoy this card too.

    2) by @RayearthIX

    What's not to love? It has all the right ingredients. This card helped propel team cowboys to defeat team Indians in my cowboys and Indians contest, that was a fun contest to judge, there was a lot of sweet cards made for it. RayearthIX puts a lot of time and effort into his cards lore, please take the time to check his creations out if you can. He's one of the best at story telling of this community, at least that I've run across, so please check his work out when you can! :)

    3) by @Dechujoh64

    This card brings back memories, and I always thought it was his first truly good card that needed wording help, but I still felt this card was highly creative and simple and powerful on the battlefield all at the same time.

    4) by @captain_Pugsley

    captain_Pugsley has favorited a ton of my cards overtime, and I missed captain_Pugsley when they was absent from here for a while, and I also have enjoyed watching the cards captain_Pugsley comes up with over time. Magus of the Lotus was one of the ones that stuck out to me that I thought captain_Pugsley did well on.

    That makes four for me. Ttyl guys!

    *Edit* I can't stand that I could only put four here, there's just so many wonderful cards you guys have made... curses! Why did we only get stuck with 4? Lol
  • Thanks for the kind words and mentions folks!
  • by @strongbelieves
    This is a card the gives you borderline omniscience of your deck. Combine this with some scrying or other sorts of deck sifting effects, and you are practically guaranteed to win. by @TenebrisNemo
    An expert balance of interests. Will you risk not drawing what could be vital so as to attack, or will you sacrifice attacking in the hopes of getting the card you need most? by @Aggroman15
    This is an appealing card. I am curious to see what context this will fit in. How did you and Ranshi make the same card in a matter of seconds? Perhaps it will remain a mystery. by @Ranshi922
    Not everyone could turn a gimmick into a card that would be appealing to run. If this had coloration it could be a commander, but I am content to simply have multiple in a deck to be built around it. by @fraziel07
    To be completely honest, I don't quite know what is so striking to me about this card. It just seems right for whatever reason.

    I may be omnipresent, but I am not omniscient, so I most certainly missed a few of my favorites from over the years.
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    @OmnipresentAnonymous The world may never know... Unless they look at the comments section.
  • @Ranshi922 I'm not sure if I'm supposed to be happy you're back on, or yell at you to get off cardsmith and do what you need to do. That is, unless you have already done what you needed to do, in which case, welcome back! But if you haven't, go do that!
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    This is really tough to only do four, as there's plenty of people and cards I'd love to give credit to.

    image By @Scott_Anderson

    Scott_Anderson or Special Guest Star is a fellow old school player, and always does things on his own terms not worrying about if it will be popular or not. He definitely tries things off the beaten trail, and has a sense of fun and humor to alot of his cards. I don't know if he's returned from his time away to write his book, but I always like having him here.

    image By @kickash

    Kickash first got me with her punny name, as I kept seeing it on the feed when she made a bunch of cards and so I like was I gotta check out who this person is. I like her choice in art, as she will dig deep with her names for cards to synergize the names with her art and effects, often leading to saying alot with so little. If this girl can cook like she makes magic cards, then it's some good eats as she knows what flavor is heh.

    image By @KalamMekhar

    This card really brings home the bacon! Kalam knows a good pun when he sees one, but he always is very thoughtful in his play designs. While I am the kinda guy who dives into things like gremlin in toy chest and see what happens, Kalam has a very specific thought process and idea behind whatever he is making. He's a blue/white player, so play style often bleeds into his card design.

    image @Teacup

    Lastly, this one my favorite cards. It's just perfect as she made a cleaver and funny card that works so well with the concept of Scott_Anderson calling himself Special Guest Star, like from beyond the Stars. It makes me imagine Teacup would actually offer aliens if they visited a beverage to drink and share stories rather than simply be frighten as she approaches so many things with a sense of optimism and kindness.

  • Lol. I am 98% certain that I have done what needs to be done.
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    It's difficult to parse down inspiring cards into a small list. There are several other 'Smiths that have really impacted my time here but I've tried to grab a representative swatch from the different ways I've interacted with this site. I've linked their names to their pages for further perusal.

    Obsidian Volley by @Grimshac
    I know he doesn't frequent the site anymore, but Grimshac was one of the first folks I really connected with here. We'd pontificate on end about card balance, necessity of wording conventions and whether or not things should be keyworded (spoiler: not). Watching how he approached design was inspiring to me and this was a shining example of the endless iteration that he put into refining each card. I hope to demonstrate some modicum of that dedication to my own ideas.

    Lera Cecani by @Faiths_Guide
    Having an honest sounding board in the crafting process is invaluable and I couldn't ask for a more thoughtful person to bounce ideas off of than Faiths_Guide. He is a prolific designer but it's not a quantity over quality equation - the outpouring of designs is a rich vein of new ideas. More recently we've had great opportunities to work together, collectively scratching our heads over how to word some obscure clause to fit space and still play nicely with rules that may or may not exist. The card I've chosen was a great puzzle to solve, finding the cleanest wording for a unique non-W taxing effect. I especially appreciate the simplicity of the final version card. I'm grateful for his approach to design that constantly challenges me to grow.

    Fortune Teller by @East2West
    Not too long ago, East2West published their collection of a full cube of cards. It was an extensive list of several hundred unique designs focusing on secondary and tertiary color abilities - not a simple feat! I appreciated the opportunity to work through many of those cards and offer suggestions, but what was encouraging was the huge variety. There is quite a lot of 'solved' design space so I expected a fair bit of repetition going in, but I was pleased to see East2West continually demonstrate novel ideas. I'm highlighting this card because I keep coming back to it in thought - it's a useful effect that doesn't become overbearing and it allows the player to be clever through choice.

    Concession to Procrastination by @Damnation
    I'm a fan of simple, easy-to-grok designs that highlight unique play elements. Damnation is great at producing these types of cards. The clean text boxes and lack of flashy keywords are refreshing. The card I've chosen here showcases this well; it's an elegant design with lots of weight and implication. I appreciate their design example and I hope to emulate that drive for depth through simplicity.
  • Wow, thanks @DomriKade! The feeling is definitely mutual.
  • Thank you for the kind mention @DomriKade!
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