Cardsmith Masters

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I want to compile a Masters set of Cardsmith card for future drafting (probably on Untap) Please submit both your cards and other peoples, all submissions will be considered my doods.

We need 402 cards total with the breakdown being:
22 commons for each color
21 uncommons for each color
17 rares for each color
6 mythics for each color

10 colorless commons
15 colorless uncommons
5 colorless rares
2 colorless mythics

6 commons for each two color combination
5 uncommons for each two color and each three color pairing
3 Rares and/or Mythics for each two color and each three color pairing

Any submissions should be old cards, it's okay to make new cards for this but the idea is that these are cards that people will recognize or like. Basically your favorite cards.

Make sure cards submitted are powerful but not broken, I'll do my best to curate accordingly. Submit as many entries as you like. Thanks

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