Ravnican Mechanical Mishaps Competition. (Results Posted)

At the time of writing I haven't seen what the Azorius or Gruul ones are- but all of the new Ravnica mechanics so far have been pretty sweet.

However, some are complaining that Adapt is too much like Monstrosity, that Afterlife and Surveil aren't very inventive, or even that Spectacle is too much like Bloodthirst. To these complainers I say... NAY!

I want you to prove them wrong. Take any of the new Ravnican mechanics and do something really weird and wonderful with them- something that shows off what's unique and cool about each of them to the fullest extent- it's really up to you what it is that you do provided that it pushes the idea behind the mechanic to breaking point.

Unlimited entries, serious entries only.
First prize: five favourites, a follow and a spot in the hall of fame.
Second prize: four favourites and a spot in the hall of fame.
Third prize: three favourites.

Ends 3rd January.


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