Tournament of Prisoners (Saga lite)

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"The corridor of the death sentenced". That's what it is called. The last corridor from the dungeon prison. Your hands are chained. In your back is a spearhead that is not prevented from scratching your skin to walk faster. Before you walks two large ogres or Orcs in heavy armor. They are laughing at the cost of your misery. The light from the opening to the arena is blinding you and before you can see anything, the sound of thousands of cheering or laughing voices overwhelm your poor ears. Further away you hear the loud sound of crushing bones. Something is chewing upon something, or someone. The blood in the sand beneath your feet haven't even been removed yet. When your eyes get used to the light you see around you the large walls upon which the large blood thirsty audience sits. To your right in the middle of the audience is the chieftain's box where the chieftains, his family and closest sat. Behind the arena were large dragon or behemoth that were eating something that you did not want to know what. Before you within the arena stood another from the prison that was in similar bad form as you. The guards gave you a pouch with water so you would not collapse before they equipped you in and with your old or desired weapon and items. In the arena there is only one rule. Kill or be killed.

How did you even get here?
You remember living your ordinary life but one day someone appeared as from out of nothing. A person of large power that had chosen you for something. It did not matter if you declined or accepted. You were taken, away from home, away from your own world even. To this, this prison. You would fight or you would die in some tournament. They only way home now would be to reach the top, to become the champion, the unkilled. To recieve a single but limited wish from the Cheiftain.


Welcome to the Tournament of Prisoners. Welcome to the plane of Jakmundarr
This tournament will follow a similar path as the tournament of champions but with much less focus on story and figting novels.
This tournament will thus be much faster with multiple matches and results each match day.


*Each cardsmith creates a legendary creature with converted mana cost of 1-3 with an eventual biography that represents them in the tournament.
Each character should have three levels planned or initiated.
Level 1: cmc 1-3
Level 2: cmc 4-6
Level 3: cmc 6-10
*Each contestant is planned to increase one stage for each victory gained.
*Each level should be an improvement (or similar/mirrored version) of the previous in mechanics and requires a different artwork.
*Cards can be changed and edited anytime before the deadlines.
*Cards will be judged based on ordinary criteria. Balance, flavor, mechanically fun, originality etc. The card can be valued up to 10 points.
*Old cards can be used if they follow the criteria. Except if they have or are used in tournament of champions 1 or 2.

*The biography may contain whatever you want to write about the contestant but is intended to give insight to the his/her life before being taken by the strange planeswalker.
*The Biography can be as short as you want but no more than one comment long.This means that the biography cannot be split between comments and the actual biography upon change must be edited. An additional comment of biography can be added for each victory gained.
(One comment is as long as a comment can be. 700 words or so.)
*The first biography will be judged based on what it tells about the character. Intentions, personality, background, open or mysterious, dreams etc. Biography can be valued up to 10 points but everything above 5 will be set as 5. So an 9 point biography is worth 5 in the judging.
*The dungeon prison is quite open for prisoners so extra information can be given during dialogue with other contestants and such. This is also important for a rule that is available after the 20th. Backstabbing.

*So a legendary creature at 1-3 cmc and eventually a biography is an entry.
*Judging will be based upon the card and the biography where the card is worth up to 10 points and the biography is worth 5 points. If you have written a somewhat informative biography, only the card will be important in the tournament.

The tournament's form will be determined when all contestants have been chosen. A minimum of 8 contestants are required but there is no upper limit. In case of too many contestants there might be 1v1v1 matches thrown in for quicker elimination.
The matches will be pseudu random with a slight control by the chieftain (me).

Entries are allowed until Sunday the 20th's of January where the matches will be determined.
The first round is played the 25th-27th of January depending on amount of matches.
Winners will have at least six days to submit the next level of their card before the next round begins.
I recommend you to design your higher level versions in advance.

Example of three levels of card.

image image image

Good luck smithing prisone, eh I mean, cardsmiths!


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    Extra rule - Backstabbing & health (These might change before the deadline.)
    Don't want to fight someone in the arena or you want someone out of the way early?
    Accidents happens.

    From the start the tournament 20th of January you will be able to try to backstab others outside of the arena.
    However as you have the chance to succeed and remove or weaken someone, you yourself also runs a risk of getting caught, harmed or even killed during the process.

    You will once per round be able to try to backstab someone. If you do, you send a private message to me about who you want to try backstabbing.
    The outcome will then depend on two things.
    *Die rolls (As seen in the table beneath)
    *Yours and the target's condition/health.


    Condition/health is usually 100% for everyone. This will however be reduced after either combat in the arena or from assassination attempts.
    * Health will recover every day with 25%
    * Health damage in the arena depends on score outcome of the two fighting ones. Close fights give higher health damage.
    Health damage from assassination attempts are (for both assassin and target).
    *Slightly injured: 25%
    *Badly injured: 50%
    *Killed 100% (duh)
    When health reaches 0%. Dead and out.
    Contestants with lower health performs worse in the arena.

  • May I join?
  • @Bowler218 Why would you not be allowed to?
  • im joining. my card will come soon
    here. this is a card I like from the custom set I'm working on, Esotera. Ben-13 is an AI created by Gorgle, the famous goblin artificer who was killed by the smogborn mastermind Brand (
    Ben has augmented themself using materials from the workshop where they were created.

    Mechanic spotlight:
    the Machine, by Yours Truly.
    Add ----- to your machine: Exile that card. for as long as it remains exiled, you may activate its activated abilities as though it were on the battlefield. it cannot be sacrificed.
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    A young student of magic, Kiara has an affinity for summoning magic. Unfortunately, she has little control over it, causing her to summon adorable furry mammals seemingly at random. She's too innocent for the world, unaware of the hardships of reality. But, of course, in this, as she heard it, tournament of prisoners, that'd soon change.
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    that's adorable
  • I will be entering in this one.
  • I will put mine in tomorow
  • how many entries will we have?
  • i will post more lore soon
  • Can I forum post until I make the actual card?
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    Royal Assassin always in our hearts :D
    Help with wording/Balancing would be apreciated :D


    Repudiated even among most of the other Goblins, Rinkle is a mercenary who kills for money, food or fun.

    P.S: @Shaperkyon fixed. Thank you for the tips.
  • @Derfaulehelmut Shroud is a retired keyword so it's safe to not mention it.
    Hellbent - Creatures with hexproof can be the target of Rinkle, Disloyal Assassin's abilities as though they didn't have hexproof as long as you have no cards in hand.
    {t}: Destroy target tapped creature. You and its controller each discard a card.
  • Can we use X in our mana cost?
    Being an outcast since birth, Aeveral ran away the day before the coming of age ceremony. He learned how to use a bow, a dagger, and basic forest magic. He learned how to steal shortly after running away, and joined a group of others who were just like him. They attempted a raid on the actual thieves guild, and were caught by the guards of the town. Aeveral was taken from his true family and put into prison, where he learned how to use his fists and a few short swords to kill everybody in his way out of the prison. He is now wanted in four countries in his world, and was brought here just before being executed after reuniting with his "family."

    He is actually based off of my D&D 2E Fighter/Thief Elf, and his choice of weapons is very similar, instead of bows, my D&D character used crossbows, and no magic. I kinda had a free pass with the backstory.
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    Marella was born into a peaceful setting as part of the only human family in a grove of elves. She grew up as the youngest of five siblings and was the only one to develop any kind of magic. With this magic she met the requirements to enter a prestigious elven school. As she went through school, her main goal was to ace her classes, learn as much as she could and join the elven nobility. She went through the school while her siblings went to a normal school, a few of her siblings wanted the glory that came out of higher ranking schools and this caused them to have resentment towards Marella and all the praise she got from her high grades. As their resentment grew, they started plotting against Marella. In their blind hatred towards their sister, they went on a rampage through their village than wounded themselves and blamed Marella for their crimes. Since she was skilled in her magic she escaped for a while trying to prove her innocence. Eventually she got captured and was taken to a secret location to be tested because of her powerful magic. The people that tested her had her in a state of sedation until she was chosen to be taken of to this prison.
  • Jan 20 is the 2nd day of prerelease, that's a coincidence.
  • I have updated the extra rules for Backstabbing and health

    @kandra127 Only one is allowed.
  • image


    There was once a little elf girl,
    born as a peasant.
    Delightful was her young days
    as everything was seemed to be peaceful.

    Years passed on,
    until one day,
    war broke her home
    and her family apart.

    Left with nothing but rubbles,
    she vowed herself
    to be a better person,
    with a vengeful heart.

    Days and night
    she wandered
    without any exact destination
    until death almost took her.

    An old human master noticed the lost youth,
    and with a pitiful look,
    he decided to train the poor soul,
    in the art of the swords.

    Years passed on,
    the young girl grew up
    to be an excellent swordmaster,
    until that day happened.

    The old master was killed,
    and she was left as the black sheep
    due to the quick work
    of the shadowy assassin.

    She wanted to be angry,
    she wanted to be wrathful,
    but in her exile,
    she instead steadied her resolve.

    But not everything
    always went as planned
    as something or someone
    snatched her away.

    Awoken in a distant land,
    imprisoned again in a place unknown,
    she lost it all and wept for the second time,
    and she smiled a grim smile.

    Maybe this is the death
    the Weaver of Fate always wanted.
    But does it really
    the end of her?
  • image image

    Backstory soon...
  • Bumpi bumpi. Less than one week remains.
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    Here's Gizzard:

    There once was a vedalken named Korzhov
    Who fell into a debt with the Orzhov
    He did not want to serve them
    But saw no other choice
    As in terms of money he was not suave

    He soon became desperate for cash
    But did not want to be turned to ash
    As the Izzet seemed hell-bent
    on turning their testers
    Into some Flame ála Goulash

    Next he turned to the Boros
    Who wanted to give him some arrows
    A slap on the back,
    Some shiny new armor,
    And send him to die to the Gruul

    He finally turned to the Simic
    Who redesigned him to mimic
    A reptilian species
    Known to many wizards
    As the common garden-variety lizard

    With this all of Korshov's debts were paid
    and he began to see mutation was no downgrade
    He seemed much more intelligent than before
    He rose through the Simic, and soon became Gizzard
    But then came Vannifar, who he grew to abhor.

    She gave her favor quite lavishly to those in her "crew"
    But any favor she showed poor Gizzard was quite untrue
    But for the time being, Gizzard powered through

    Soon her atrocities began to offend
    She began to view Gizzard as some peasant to expend!
    She assigned him to jobs with no chance at success
    Which Gizzard did with great finesse
    But his competency was never addressed

    Soon came a day when the stakes grew dire
    She accused Gizzard of setting Zonot 7 afire!
    Which is really stupid, since it's all underwater
    But he was kicked out of the guild in a trial equivalent to a slaughter

    After this unfairness Gizzard nearly went off the end
    But then came a hooded figure, claiming to be his friend
    He told tales of combat, riches, and wine
    And when asked if he'd participate Gizzard merely said "fine"

    Hope that works
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    Okay, let us all be stylish as we turn the backstory of our own character into a poem. :))
  • I can't, don't know how.
  • @Bowler218 It's just a suggestion. My poem is also really average anyway.

    Well, maybe you can ask someone close to you to for a help?
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    i will soon!
  • Two days remains for additional entries.
    There will be five days thereafter to post biographies and other stories before the first round.
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    The dungeon reached deep into the old mine in the mountain. After a while you came to a large reinforced and guarded gate. One ogre guard sitting at a table asked those the guards that had taken you their who you was before signing the papers. After singing the papers he took out a pencil and drenched it in red paint which he then wrote upon your clothes or skin. He wrote some symbols and a following number from 1 to 8. "This is your tournament and position in what order that you will fight."
    He then ordered some guards to open the door and let you inside.
    The gate lead into a large inner room where ab old mining village within the mountain lied. Many of the buildings were collapsed or damaged and those that still were intact had already been claimed by earlier prisoners. Just at the entrance to the village was a couple of cells with prisoners within them that would soon go out and fight in the arena you already heard about. They all shared the same symbols with only different numbers.
    "Your fight is on Friday. We'll come and get you on the morning so you better not be hiding then." Was the last thing the guards said before they released you and went out of the large gate. A couple of other prisoners watched you as you begin to walk into the prisoner town. "Welcome to Endhalmur, Welcome to what will likely be your very last home. Hahaha" Said a huge ape with a large scar over his breast and many smaller scars around his arms.

    Welcome to Endhalmur. Your home for the two first rounds of the tournament. Your weapons have been taken from you and will be given back upon your next fight. There is other things however here that might work as weapons. Make it to the finals in the tournament and you will leave this town to live in the gladiator's quarter. The best prison a slave of the tournament can receive. But that is the future. Now you better make the best out of your current situation. Survive until the fight and win the fight. From here on you can also begin attempts to backstab if you would find it advantages. This option will be locked when one has reached the gladiator's quarter.
    Also if you have any additional story or biography to write, now is the time because on Friday the fighting begins. All 4 matches will be held then.

    Your characters have received different numbers. The numbers are as follows:

    #1 @Bowler218 vs #2 @kandra127
    image VS image

    #3 @notmyprimespeaker vs #4 @Blazin_Biscuit
    image VS image

    #5 @Fallen_Lord_Vulganos vs #6 @pjbear2005
    image VS image

    #7 @Lujikul vs #8 @Derfaulehelmut
    image VS image

    Good luck and happy fighting, Mohahahaha!
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