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  • @Ranshi922
    Sorry, the reference link is there now.
  • I am very confused. What is the point of ripple in this situation?
  • @Ranshi922
    You've never played against this type of deck in commander? I'll give you a hint, it is not a Relentless Rats deck.
  • @Faiths_Guide Should I tell him or leave it as a surprise?
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    (I have played against that deck before... The rippled apostles have ripple and so you turn your deck upside down and win)


    The comment I talked about was:
    “You can do blank abilities here on MTGCardsmith as well”
    I said: “made in MTGCS(MTGCardSmith) it can have the bottom text without a loyalty ability”
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    Alright, Reda has been fixed:
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    @Ranshi922 @AxNoodle

    Either that or it's Persistent Petitioners or a custom card. I don't know whether I fear the advisors or the cultist more.
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    Oooh, Persistent Petitioners would be fun too! Sphinx of the Chimes would be really good in that deck.
  • Yep yep ^-^ Currently on the works for Eron's next update. Here's what I'm thinking of doing for him:
    * Remove the ability to grab creatures
    * ~Maybe~ put it on the bottom of the library rather than exile to keep it in-line with his colors
    * Make it at sorcery speed

    Also gonna post a quick "ruling/judge call guide" sometime later to help with any rules interactions

    That said, I'm probably gonna say "non-Aura" in my next iteration of Eron.

    Anybody got anything else they'd like me to add? Or are there any objections to the list I gave? Please let me know ^-^

    NOTE: Gonna post my review later. Got school coming up :3
  • @ManaChrome
    Everything sounds good, except I don't think you need to bottom the cards you hit. The colors you in could exile or destroy the permanents (destroy being more common) and exile seems ok since it's "becoming" an Elemental.
  • @AxNoodle
    I think Reda is OK now.
  • @All
    I will be playing my Apostles list one way or the other (it's EDH legal and I have it on Untap already) because I won't have enough time otherwise. So, the question is, is Marr OK?
  • Oof... Well I feel less bad for the things I am throwing in mine.
  • @Faiths_Guide Nooooo not apostles!
  • I’m a wicked and evil person and even I flinched at the apostles.
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    Never fear lads, Reda hoses me ;)

    Also, Apostles isn't even that strong (unless it is 5-color, don't ask me to elaborate). It's a glass cannon, and I didn't stuff it full of powerhouse cards.

    Thoughts on Marr?
  • Yea u prepared to all suffer
  • @Faiths_Guide Probably make it ripple for less, then I would be ok.
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    • Adjusted the art to have Eron be the focus of the art. But I'm not really happy with the result. Definitely gonna redo the crop on this one.
    • Gave it a spellslinger body. (Gave it a 2/3 body.)
    • Added "If a card was exiled this way," to avoid weird interactions with the stack.
    • Added "Activate this ability any time you could cast a sorcery." to restrict how often you can use his ability.
    • Added "non-Aura" to avoid weird interactions with "enchant creature."
    • Made it mythic.
    • Removed flavor text D: (no space :/)
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    @Faiths_Guide I'm ok with Marr and I agree with your glass-cannon description (it's a priority target like Thrumming Stones, but it's a creature so it's easier to kill in most cases). My main gripe about it if I needed to have one would be how the final ability seems a little forced in its colours. I get what you're trying to do with the "discard the big demons" thing but it still seems a little weird.

    I sort of agree with @AxNoodle but at the same time I get that ripple has always been four and that reducing it seems iffy.

    Maybe I'm just nit-picking for no reason, though.
  • @ManaChrome This new Eron seems pretty good (as in, fair and logical) and I like it. All we need now is a set definition of ability in this case.
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    My reviews! Hope I wasn't too harsh with any of 'em (sorry if it felt like I was)

    Bolodtha, Thallid Regnant
    I think I'm going to have to go with everyone else here sadly. It just sorta feels like a copy of Slimefoot. Against it for me.

    Madeline, Pure Enchantress
    You can get too much lifegain here I believe. Not to mention the fact that she triggers off of tokens D: Even if it's resticted to only your stuff, I'd still be pretty skeptical. Against it for me.

    Sza'tha, Psychotic Pharaoh
    Seems pretty alright! Of course, like everyone else, it's just the formatting that needs help ^-^ Though, playtesting for the cost of that ability might be needed. I'm up for it!

    The Mimeospawn
    Love it! Great stuff here! Up for it!

    Heliod, Touched by Thiohr
    I think it depends on what "Sunveil of Thiohr" is, but I guess that's more on the card and not the commander. Though, just plainly drawing a card in Naya colors seems off to me. . .

    Also, Paladin ain't a creature type. Not to mention that planeswalkers can't have creature type unless you staple "tribal" onto its supertypes. Though, tbh, you could just put that on the -3.

    Though, you could lose the Paladin subtype entirely since it doesn't have any existing support, meaning that any cards that would care about Paladins would have to come from your custom cards

    I'm indifferent, I guess, leaning into "Against it" by a smidgen.

    Reda Dimyk, Bringer of Law
    Pretty alright! Classic control commander. Up for it!

    Deepmind Lodrus
    I sense a lot of possibility with this card! Up for it!

    Marr, Shadowborn Surger
    I guess it's fine ^-^ At six mana, I don't think we'll be seeing much action. But I'm still a bit iffy on how much stuff you can get from this.

    Also sorta indifferent here, but leaning into "Against it" by a smidgen.

    EXTRA NOTE: It seems a bit restrictive on the theme, but I guess that activated ability saves it :shrug:
  • Gonna upload my little rulings in a bit @MemoryHead ^-^
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    Okay so, I thought that the concept of "ability" was pretty simple, but here's the basic premise: Abilities are basically each "paragraph" you see in a card. Sol Ring has one ability, Chromatic Lantern has two, Everflowing Chalice has three, Trading Post has four, and so on.

    An exception to this is keyword abilities. If, for example, Snare Thopter, were to be exiled by Eron, you'd make a 1/1 flying and a 1/1 haste, not a 1/1 flying and haste. This applies to any keywords that are put together in a single sentence.

    Mechanics like multikicker, convoke, cascade, improvise, and the like do count as abilities even though they have no actual use when granted to a token.

    Even if two or more abilities are "linked", they still make separate tokens. For example, using Eron's ability on a Darksteel Reactor makes a 1/1 with Indestructible, a 1/1 with "At the beginning of your upkeep, you may put a charge counter on this creature," and a 1/1 with "When this creature has twenty or more charge counters on it, you win the game."

    If a creature token has a crew ability, creatures can crew it. It’ll become an artifact creature, but its power and toughness remain unchanged.

    If a creature token has an equip ability, activating it won’t cause anything to happen. It doesn’t become attached to a creature.

    Lands with basic land subtypes technically do have abilities linked to their subtypes, so exiling a basic Forest gets you a 1/1 with "T: Add G."

    And there! I believe that's everything! If you'd like me to elaborate on something specific, please ask! I'll try and add it to this list if I can answer it!
  • I will say that things like the Bicycle Lands do stump me, though :/ I mean, in theory it should make two tokens, but *maybe* it only makes one? It's a minor thing, but it haunts me lol
  • Madeline was edited to not include tokens.
  • oof... that makes it 2 for and 3 against for bolodtha...
  • @Ranshi922 I mean, I'm fine with it. It's like you said with my goose, I just chose to make a different card.
  • The goose was the exact same. This is *slightly* different.
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