Tournament of Champions 2 Rematch (The game has begun)



  • @HeroKP -What's a bräket?
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    @TenebrisNemo @HeroKP

    It's pronounced Bray-Shetay
  • @TenebrisNemo

    It's that weird meme thing you do where you take a word, misspell it, and add a bunch of these nordic letter alterations.
  • Sorry folks, I've still postponed the creation of the tournament bracket. Foul weather has kept me busy, and connection to the internet was cut off for days. But worry not, the next thing which I will post here (alongside a story segment) will be the bracket, and once it's revealed, Match 1 will begin in the next few days!
  • Let the tournament continue!
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    Awfully quiet thread.

    @Jonteman93 Love the map, story, and cards. Black-green discard Dryads are very coherent.

    @HeroKP Treesome Hive annoys me for two reasons.
    1. Land creature. Land creatures aren't spells and thus they can't be cast, rendering the mana cost moot. Furthermore, it would die upon entering the battlefield as it has zero toughness. It's also kind of weird that it can't tap for mana.
    2. Creature types. You introduce four meaningless creature types: Tree, Hive, Will-o'-the-Wasp, and Dark. Treesome Hive can be a Forest if it's a land or a Plant if it's a creature. The will-o'-the-wasps can be Spirit/Faerie/Elemental Insects and the hive token can be an elemental or something.
    You should also consider making Treesome Hive an artifact, like The Hive.


    On a lore note, what is a witch anyway? In Magic they're seen as a bunch of random mages.

    @TenebrisNemo This is the last chapter of Coltras's story. I'm finishing up the old segment.

    XII. Revelations

  • @ShaperKyon Yeah, I messed up on that one. I will fix it soon.

    Lore speaking, I kind of shoehorn in a reveal that gives a new perspective on the MTG universe to better suit my character. They are a sort of inter-planar connected group, formed before the multiverse broke apart, that have no direct contact with each other, but share power subconciously. Notably, as well as Yagara, Lililiana and Vraska are also part of that group (even though they don't reffer to themselves as witches), and many, many more.
  • @ShaperKyon - Though I like the segment you've written, there are many points in it which conflict with the stories designed for Merikh and the Sisters of the Abyss. You've also introduced new characters with links to the abyss, which would complicate the story even more. Do you wish me to re-write the segment so it would be within the rules of the tournament story and be considered "canon?"

    You could have asked me about anything you would have wanted to know about the story or characters I've created via messages.
  • @TenebrisNemo Whoops, it seems my actions had unforeseen consequences. I crosschecked my segment with many ones written by you but I guess I should have asked you directly. Chapter XII has been temporarily removed. Instead, I will PM you the current version and please correct it as you will.
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    Braekun eagerly waits for something to happen.
  • So does Yagara. Her bones are getting older by the day, and she needs to do this while she still has power.
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    Surprisingly, Dostran has had a "non-growth spurt" and not grown at all recently.
  • Koorir is now lazily practicing his skills when he gets the free time...he knows it is important stay fit in these times of lackluster.
  • Wula is desperate. She cannot find a propper fashion clothes shop.
  • Sylva has been working on a side project. She is still looking for the right materials...
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    Yagara dabbles in alchemy, if you want to turn a heavy material into a lighter one, more suitable for airships, she would be happy to help
  • @HeroKP You tagged yourself... Did you mean @pakashara?
  • Since we have time while we wait what does everyone think about the two cards released for Modern Horizons
  • Finally! a serra!
  • @AxNoodle

    *realises mistake*
    *gets ressurected*
    *corrects mistake*
  • @HeroKP
    Sadly it isn't an airship. Even if she was making one where would she hide it? Thanks for the offer though.
  • The tournament soldiers have gathered around a campfire, arguing about who would lead the group to the city, since the hosts have been missing for weeks!
  • Does that mean it will be a while until the bracket is posted?
  • @shadow123 - Sadly yes. Thanks to recent events, I've been unable to visit my computer, where the tournament files are. Plus, I've injured my left hand, which slows down the writing process.
  • I understand. Get well soon!
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    targeting shadow123.
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    For all you judges out there...did you know that if you target Garruk the flip version with Clever Impersonator, before the flip then the game ends in a draw.

    Apparently Since the Clever impersonator has the flip ability if that ability triggers it tries to flip, but the card is not able to flip. Yet the ability keeps triggering. Therefore since mandatory actions can not be resolved the game ends in a draw
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