My Art, Your Cards (Contest, Win Custom Art!) Week 1

So every week I am going to producing a different piece of art for people to design a card around. The card must be flavourful with the cards art. You may use all or just some of the art as multiple pieces will be uploaded every week


1. You may submit more than one design with the same art.
2. It must use the art I present to you in some way, you can zoom in or edit it if you want.
3. No joke cards.
4. The card must be as realistic as possible


1st place: One Month of Premium, a Follow, and 3 favourites. OR a custom drawn piece of art in my style!
2nd Place: A follow, and 2 favourites.
3rd Place: A follow, and a favourite.

Here is the art pieces for this week, all drawn by me for a card project I am working on:

Piece one:


Piece two:


If you do want to credit me in the art please do just use my username!


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