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    I haven't used mtgcardsmith in like 2 years and forgot how to make it so it shows the card instead of the link, if someone could remind me it would be greatly appreciated!
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  • @sanjaya666 yup those are allowed!
  • Got some feedback, Selfish Blessing is now a sorcery.
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    All Avizoa needed was a small change in stats to make it playable. This card is now pretty snazzy in draft.
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    New avizoa:

    old avizoa:

    Avizoa is now a fragile, but moderately playable control lock piece.
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    One With Nothing needs some love.

    One With Nothing (Remake)
  • I honestly forgot this counts as an old card, but it was originally intended as a remake of One with Nothing:
  • For my one wit nothing remake I meant All spells cost 0 not creatures.
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    When reworking Bargain, I wanted to make a card that despite being more viable was still a deliberately bad deal of lifegain for card advantage, as with the original. Usually, the only times people make deliberately bad deals is out of desperation, when they have to hope that the short term gain will be enough to stabilize their position, and deal with the resulting cost however and whenever they can. With this in mind, I raised the card to Instant speed and added a delay to the card advantage, encouraging its use in emergency situations.

    There were a few reasons for making the cost variable. First and foremost, letting the player set the price helps reinforce the theme of haggling and making a deal. The halving and rounding makes the resulting math just a tad more complicated than normal, but that is partially by design - you know you're making a generally unfavorable deal, but it's much harder to calculate exactly how much or little you can get away with. The way the card is set up objectively favors higher investment in stages (which, again, lends thematically to the idea that such deals favor the prepared over the desperate) - playing it with X=4 is strictly better than playing it with X=3, for instance - potentially leading to a bit of sunk cost mentality. Sure you gain 4 more life and delay the extra cards by an extra turn, but would that extra mana better spent on another spell this turn? Do you combo it with another card during your own turn, or do you save it (and the mana for it) to play on your opponent's turn to play it after their draw step? Will you be able to win the game outright before the card advantage even becomes a factor?

    Furthermore, I wanted to design a card that had some added versatility in combo decks. The sheer amount of lifegain enabled by higher mana investment is nothing to scoff at, making it useful as either a stall tactic or as a setup for Life-intensive win conditions. It also plays well with cards that specifically skip an opponent's draw step.

    The hag theme came pretty naturally as a result of the haggle pun, as well as from the old trope of people making desperate and unfavorable deals with the fae. Meanwhile, the flavor text - aside from being a subversion of a common phrase - manages to neatly encapsulate a double meaning, both of which are reinforced by the choice of artwork.
  • @Purplesandpaper
    Not to burst your bubble but that card seems worse than the original
  • K I'm only making a single card for this. This challenge doesn't interest me all that much (I prefer making original ideas), but gotta get those circuit points.


    Pretty obvious which card I'm remaking.
  • New:___________________________Old:
    A lot of the mercenaries had the ability to search their library for more mercenaries and other creatures, so this is meant to counter that while still being a wider sideboard card.
  • @TheCenterOfTheUniverse Entwining Roots is pretty 'twisted.' Lol
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    Here you go buddy.
    My first is of Mudhole.


    Second is of Bargain.

    Third is of Carnival of Souls

    I'm going to do more and put them here...
  • @Dechujoh64 nice! Your back from the dead hopefully, yes?
  • @sorinjace tbh. I'm back but it'll still be sporadic. I'll be doing cards for CCs and MCs basically from now on until further notice.
  • I know you said you wanted to only use cards from the list, but would it be okay if I remade this card?

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    Seems like it covers the effects originally intended for One with Nothing. I tried to cover any loopholes to abuse it, but there's probably still some wacky ways to do it.
  • @MonkeyPirate2002 sorry but if I allowed you to do that, then everyone else will want to do other cards. Please stick to the listed cards in the article please.
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