Something Foul

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The city of Festrin has recently been beset by several strange occurrences, all seeming to revolve around the privies. New taxes, mysterious disappearances and a recent crime spree all carry the stink of something foul.... Your characters have each been affected by these strange events and seek to get to the bottom of them.

Something Foul is a test version of a D&D style adventure that will be told through original Magic cards. Players will design a PC card that will grow as the game progresses. Each challenge will have each player design a card to overcome the situation or battle. The winning card will shape the story and garner extra XP!

I will be taking 4-5 PCs.

Please submit a creature card that fits standard D&D type of PC with a Race and a Class. No dual classes yet! You can be a Elf Human to represent Half Elves or an Orc Human to represent Half-Orcs. Here is a list of common Races and Classes, but there are probably other acceptable possibilities:



Start them as a 1 casting cost PC.


  • I'm in, card to follow.
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    Mestro worships Mask, god of Art, Politics, and Lies.

    (To my fellow D&D nerds, I am aware their is already a god named Mask in Faerun. This one is slightly different.)
  • Do we need to make stories?
  • Characters are looking good. They will fit the game well.
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    Sagaz is a cleric of Serra, and is support-based.
    (Wait, is this set in the magic multiverse? I don't actually know)
  • From a roleplaying stand, Sagaz doesn't like being forced into a position with these probably evil people.
  • We prefer the term "practical." :)
  • To be honest, I don't even think the song of all has that many cantos.
  • Never let the truth get in the way of a good story.
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    A quote for the ages.
  • My character is neither good nor evil, just merely lawful neutral.
  • @pstmdrn can we start, or do we wait for a 5th?
  • @korandangels I will be posting the introductory post very soon. It will give instructions on what to include in your first post. If we get another player in that time they can play.
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    Festrin is not the largest or most glamorous of cities, but it is of decent size, well defended, and has all the amenities one would want from a city: bustling port, plentiful inns, large marketplace, and even public gardens. The Lord Mayor Bennet does his best to keep a clean and just city, but it is not without its crime, slums and occasional outbursts of illness.

    Most of the time there is relative peace, but the last few weeks, things have begun to stir. This is all since the institution of a new priv tax. Everyone using the priv is now forced to pay coin to the city and the constabulary is eager to collect. People have begun to get outraged. They say it is to build a deluxe sewage system, but few believe it. Now, there are even rumors that those that don't pay up have disappeared while in a priv! This is very concerning. Also around this time, there has been a surge in street crime. They are perpetrated by roving gangs of youth that seem drunk or in a daze, with rancid breath that smells horrible.

    Please post a short intro with what your PC is doing as the adventure begins and which of the three "leads" they are going to pursue. Some characters may start of separately, but everyone will meet up at some point.
  • @korandangels It doesn't have a firm setting, but gods from all planes are worshipped here. So the character is fine.
  • Theyul sets down his cup, picks up his bow, and goes to the priv without paying a coin. If anything, he's got his knife.
  • People rarely do things that make no sense. If something looks illogical, it's usually because you don't have all the facts. Follow the money. Find out who benefits from this arrangement, and make them talk. To this end Mestro decided to infiltrate the Festrin Tax Bureau.
  • Lakin was strolling along the city slum's main canal, counting the numerous rat corpses and the occasional human one floating in the putrid waters. He smirked. The more troubles a city has, the more coin they are ready to give away for solutions. And Festrin was... well, festering with such troubles. He chuckled. He considered himself an expert in the matter of solving dirty problems, problems that most would like to keep secret. These noxious streets could make him rich.

    The dwarf nimbly avoided a rivulet of unidentified sludge that was lazily crossing the street : With the new "Privy Tax", Festrin was beginning to lose her luster. He was heading for the Town Hall, to offer his services and expertise. Mayor Bennet's situation was somewhat dire : he couldn't refuse Lakin's offer.

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    The next post for you guys contains a challenge. The way this will work is that you must create a card to help you in the situation. Here are the rules for challenges. They apply from here on unless I change them. Please also post a description of your PC using the card.
    1. Your card must have a CMC less than, or equal to, your PC's CMC.
    2. Your card must be colorless or the colors of your PC.
    3. Items or in game circumstances will allow for changes to this as you guys progress.

    Theyul @bowler218
    As you approach the nearest priv, a greasy constable steps out from behind it with a leering grin. "That'll be one to stand and two to sit, mi'lord." He blocks the entrance with his weapon.

    Mestro @derain2
    Mestro knew the Tax Bureau was deep within the Bureau Plaza. so he headed that direction. The plaza was notorious for its aloof inaccessibility to anyone but politicians, but there were ways in, as the plaza was often full of food sellers and other merchants, looking to get a piece of the money flowing through the city. As Mestro approaches the grand gates, he notices people flashing some kind of medallion to enter the plaza. Plaza guards turn away those without one at the gate.

    Lurik @ASubtleGhost
    Going right to the source seemed to be a smart strategy. Lurik headed to the Lord Mayor's Office, in the heart of the city center. The rogue stood out a bit as he got closer to the mayor's office, the crowd beginning to look more and more official. There were already people sitting and waiting their turn to see the Mayor. As Lurik approached the desk, the clerk looked at him with disinterest, "I'm afraid the docket is full today."

  • By the way, Mtg's closest equivalent to gnomes are the Kithkin. The gnome subtype in Mtg almost universally refers to tiny clockwork robots from the early years of magic.
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    @IanLowenthal Kithkin are like halflings and gnomes in one! I was thinking more of Quarum Trench Gnomes. But I will accept kithkin or a clockwork type gnome.
  • Lakin smiled at the clerk, then reached inside one of his numerous hidden pockets. He pulled out an offical-looking scroll of yellowed parchement. He handed it to the man's outsretched hand.

    "I have been summoned by Lord Bennet himself, by this document here. Surely you recognize his personal seal ?"


    The clerk inspected said seal, squinting and frowning.

    "It looks authentic," he stated.

    "Of course it's authentic ! Or do you believe your mayor to be a fraud of some sort ?"

    The clerk looked over his thick glasses at the grey-bearded dwarf before him. He hesitated for a few seconds.

    "Well, if it's a summon from the Lord mayor himself ..." The clerck stood up, his chair and his back creaking in unison. "Who must I announce ?"

    "Lurik Grimblebarb" said Lakin Ashwhiskers. Lurik was one of his most common pseudonyms; if things went south, better they had someone else's name than his.

    "Very well. Follow me, master Gribbledrab."


    The clerk tsked and walked towards a door further back, not looking to see if Lakin was following. The dwarf stepped after him.


    @pstmdrn is this the expected kind of narration ? If not I can change this paragraph.
  • @asubtleghost no, this is excellent.
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    Sagaz watches as the 'Lawmages' corner the street gang. Sighing, he boosts the mages spells and watches as the criminals tied up in phantom chords. however, this was getting out of hand. There where to many gangs for this small team of lawmages to deal with. He had no choice but to call in some protection for the temples.

    I was late for challenge 1 so I will post both now. Sagaz is sent by the local church to aid attempts to stop the gangs, because they have been raiding some of Serra's shrines.
    I hope you haven't eliminated me because I was late.
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    Wherever the cities revenues were flowing it certainly wasn't towards the guards. Metrus casually walked up to one of the guards, and withdrew a medallion. It didn't match the medallions other were using, but it was silver, and intricately carved. Mestro slipped it into the guards hand, and the guard gave Mestro the slightest of nods as he carried on his way.
  • @korandangels not too late. I am very easygoing.

    @pjbear jump in if you want. You’ll Catch up!
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    Does this count even though he is a werewolf?
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