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Guys, I am considering setting up another ARG this summer. I want to know if people would be interested and if so, the challenge level of it. Any and all responses are helpful. Please fill out the form below.


  • Excuse my extreme noobism, but is it some sort of role play?
  • May I ask what ARG is?
  • Alternate Reality Game

    An ARG is a game, frequently similar to a scavenger hunt.
  • I need at least 10 responses to get an accurate idea of participation it will receive.
  • I would like one, but make it easy.
  • Put it in the survey thing.
  • How many do you have?
  • This wasn't in the quiz:
    I would like some literal thinking, notice-the-words-instead-of-the-meaning type thing instead of pure logic and codes.
  • @KorandAngels, that is going to be happening regardless. Word choice while, primarily as a source of built-in nudges, will be a relevant part of the game regardless of the difficulty.

    @Bowler218, I have 9 responses but with 8 usernames... someone must've responded twice...
  • I think I responded without putting in my user name
  • Ah. I looked at specific responses and saw that someone subverted the mandatory username thing by pressing a space...
  • Ok. I have ten responses. I am going to start brainstorming. I want to make things clear that you will need to be thinking outside of the box for the game.

    There will be easter eggs, some of which will be hidden at dead ends. They will have their own prizes within.

    I will also have things like in Portal for each section.
  • image
    These are the results of the survey. I will be using these to construct a series of levels to try to meet the ideas set out.
  • You arent gonna be havin any of thst sppoky stuff right? sorry for typos im on my phone and in s hurry
  • Heya, answered the survery! Lookin' forward to it Ranshi!
  • Sweet!
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    the thing with the sign people and ball thing look like Noisemaster.
    EDIT: sorry, you won't know what Noisemaster is. Here:
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