Pokemon friend codes???

Okay, I know this is a little non-sequitur, but has anyone played the Gen 6/7 Pokemon games? I recently realized that Pokemon Sword and Shield are coming out on the Switch later this year, so I'm rushing to complete a National Pokedex on the 3DS in ORAS, mainly because it's (relatively) easy to chain-fish for shinies and to hunt shinies with the Pokeradar Plus.
Friend code is 0662-5504-1985, and my name is Jaxx.
So is anyone on here willing to trade, or does anyone have a good Friend Safari? (I realize this is a Magic forum but still.)


  • Why not on Sun and Moon?
    I have the national completed except for Gorybyss.
  • *Has a mild attack of nostalgia for something that was only a few years ago* I've got omega ruby lying around somewhere, though I'm not sure that I'd trust it with such tasks as working properly.
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    Have I regaled the tale of a shiny vulpix I’d been hunting for a week killing itself with a flare blitz after I false swiped it?
  • Awww, that hurts. Once I naturally encountered a shiny Linoone in Alpha Sapphire before I knew what shinies were...
    What's your friend code @Ranshi922 ? I'll add you, even though I suck at Sun and Moon. That Totem Lurantis is hacking I swear.
  • Ah yes, the Totem Lurantis. The bane of water users everywhere.
  • @Lujikul I chose Rowlet as my starter. I caught a Salandit specifically for the purpose of killing Lurantis, but it can't one-hit KO Lurantis with the fire Z-move, and Lurantis always uses Synthesis next turn.
    It gives one flashbacks of Whitney's Miltank in Pokemon Gold. But someday I'll wise up and get a Dire Hit.
  • @TezzeretogCarmot21
    What I ultimately did was I caught a magnemite from the area right next to the school and trained it until it learned a steel attack. Since Lurantis isn’t a bug type, you may find that helpful.
  • @TezzeretofCarmot21, you only knew what shinies were THAT RECENTLY. It makes sense for an elementary school me running through Mt Corronet in Pearl in a hurry running away from a shiny Machoke only to consider 30 minutes later that it was green. But.... Jesus...
  • @Ranshi922 In my defense, I got my first Pokemon game in 2014. I was a middle schooler and I barely knew jack about it. I was too busy killing things with my Swampert.
    @Lujikul ...You may be on to something.
  • So, uh... friend codes, anyone?
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    I can give you mine. One sec. I'm on Alpha Sapphire.
  • Mine is 2123-1577-6875. My registered name is Josh.
  • Don’t have my ds with me, but on Monday I’ll post.
  • I'll figure out my friend code for X and Y and post it here
  • Apparently my Alpha Sapphire game has become corrupted because something happened when I turned it off. Ah well, I suppose the bright side is that I can restart the game and shiny-hunt all of the postgame legendary Pokémon.
  • @TezzeretofCarmot21, I don’t recommend doing that. You’d have to have the Shiny Charm in order for the odds to be roughly 1:3000. That’d then be 3000 soft resets.
  • @Ranshi922 I suppose a better strategy would be to catch them, transfer them to Pokebank, then once I’ve completed the Dex, transfer them back to a new game to get the Charm, right?
  • You still need to beat the main game. But what I was saying is that even with the charm it’s gonna take a long time and being that you can’t save in the latios riding, it takes longer per go.
  • @Ranshi922 Fair point. I just beat Wallace in Omega Ruby, so I have access to the mirage spots, but you’re right about not saving. I suppose a good strategy would be to get to a spot right under where the legendary creature spawns (Dewford for the dimension trio, Fortree for the weather legendaries, etc) and just soft reset from there, but it would still take like a minute with the animation. Maybe it would be better to try earlier games for those Pokémon. But for Pokémon like Suicune (one of my personal favorites) and the dog trio that spawn on the islands, it’s much easier.
  • Or ya know, don’t waste time grinding for a shiny legendary. It feels nice finally finding it, but it feels better finding a shiny when you aren’t looking for it. For example in Sun and Moon I was looking for munchlaxes because they have leftovers and came across a shiny pikipek. Felt much better than grinding for a shiny.
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    @Ranshi922 I agree, that does feel nice. But it’s rare to find a shiny naturally, and some of the legendary ‘mons have cool shinies. Besides, putting in all that time increases my sense of accomplishment (though really, all of it is arbitrary, and what I consider to be worthwhile you may consider to be wasteful.)
  • I have a few shinies from wonder trade
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    And I have like 90% of the National dex in ORAS done I won’t be able to trade til this weekend tho bc AP tests... @TezzertofCarmot21 does that work, I also have pretty good breeding flukes like 5 iv bulbasaur but wrong nature and stuff

    @Ranshi922 it puts the odds at like 1/4096 for a shiny ... fastest way for any shiny legit is the Masudo method.

    If anyone has any game questions I probs have the answer, eh local pkmn fanatic
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    @DoctorFro Thanks, that works. I'll take anything that I don't have in the 'Dex or anything shiny. What's your friend code?
  • @DoctorFro, but as you are certainly aware, the Masudo doesn't work for things that can't be bred. (Such as the Legendaries that Tez was wanting.)
  • @Ranshi922 That is correct... but I'll take any shinies really.
  • @Ranshi922 sadly I am aware. For legendaries the best method is ultra sun and moon using the portal
  • I am aware.
  • @DoctorFro Hands-down the best shiny maker is a Japanese Ditto. (Double points if it's shiny.) But they usually ask for an Arceus or something on GTS, and I lost my mythical 'mons when my Alpha Sapphire game got corrupted.
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