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I couldn't find one of these, so here goes. To avoid cluttering the main card page, I'm going to post card wording questions here. Feel free to do so yourself, and to answer any wording questions you find here.


  • I want to make a card that lets you exile up to five cards from the tops of players' libraries. You can exile up to Six cards and choose up to three libraries to exile from. For example, you can exile three cards from library A, two cards from library B, and one from library C, or be that guy and exile one card from library A and five from B. You can also just straight up exile six from a single library if you want. I know an "as you choose" clause is involved, but to no certainty an I sure of my wording.
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    What about..
    "Exile X cards from target player's library. Exile Y cards from target player's library. Exile Z cards from target player's library. The sum of X, Y, and Z can't be more than 6."
    ^Scratch this

    "Exile the top card of target player's library. You may repeat this process up to six times."
  • How about "Exile up to six cards from the top of any number of players' libraries"?

    Would that be clear enough?
  • @Tomigon's wording is definitely clearer though.
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    I would choose your wording. I'm not sure about mine. Players might think "Repeat this process.. " part is also repeatable, which means infinite mill.
  • @Tomigon - the issue I have with my wording is whether it can be read as "I can exile six cards from everybody's library" whereas what Tommia wants is "I can exile a maximum of six cards." I *feel* like it's implied that there's a six-card limit in my wording but I'm not sure. Might need reminder text clarification.
  • @Tomigon I think that the "repeat this process" one would work because WotC's done it before. The most recent example is Remorseless Punishment ( and while there are only a few cards that use that wording, it exists.

    Your wording would need to repeat the process up to five times instead of six.
  • [When you cast this spell,] choose up to three target libraries. Exile cards from the top [of any] of the chosen libraries until you have exiled [a total of] six cards this way.

    The bits in between [ ] are parts I'm not sure of.
  • It's occurred to me that it's possible that most of what's been suggested so far isn't totally right because they would exile the cards one (or one-ish) at a time instead of all at the same time. There's a chance I'm totally wrong, though.
  • @Tomigon @Animist @Tommia How about "Exile six cards divided as you choose from the top of any number of player's libraries."

    Would that work?
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    @sorinjace @Tomigon @Animist @Tommia
    "Exile up to six cards from the top of up to three opponent's libraries."
  • @EnvyReaper that wouldn't work as well if your trying to exile cards from yours or a teammate's library.
  • @sorinjace still keep the first part because I know that is right, I don't know how you would possibly state that honestly
  • @EnvyReaper probably just change the word "opponent's" to "players."
  • "Exile up to six cards from the top of up to three players' libraries."
  • That sounds good, yeah! I like all the rules descriptions suggested to be honest.
  • Geez, this has gathered a lot of conversation! Anyways, looking at all of the wordings, I think I have a good wording.

    "Choose up to three players. Exile cards from the tops of those players' libraries until you have exiled six cards this way. (You choose how many cards get exiled from each library.)"
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