FLASH CHALLENGE...Adventuring Gear

For my D&D fans on this page... I've been playing D&D just as long as I've been playing MtG, just over 25 years. I'm old, I know...

With the recent reveal of the Bag of Holding, one of D&D's most iconic magical gear. Let's see what else we can make that comes from the annals of the D&D magical world.

Give me an artifact item that is known to come from the D&D world.
That's it...you have free rein over everything else; cmc, rarity...
Make sure the power level fits the cost.
Three entries per 'Smith.

Keeping it simple, all who enter will get their entries favorited.
The overall best will get a personal follow.

This contest will close at the end of the week, 6/30...I guess also end of the month...


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    I haven't gotten into DnD as much as I would like, but my roommate and I started playing I thought the absolutely coolest sounding thing ever was the Deck of Illusions. So here's my mtg version! Hopefully it's kinda balanced. I was conflicted over it being an uncommon item, but it's power level for my idea was too great for an uncommon, so I hope the restrictions on the Illusion fit flavorfully and balance-wise.

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    Every adventurer always needs the power from a god. Because you can't enjoy your adventure if you're not overpowered.


  • Final day for entries
  • Thanks for all the entries guys, although they were few, they are enjoyable.

    Best in show goes to @kzugradio with Immovable Rod, I rather enjoyed the idea of the lockdown, literally nothing can move. Making it activate with anyone was a good touch; you have now gained a new follower.
  • Thank you and thanks for the fun challenge!
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