The Trial of Pixels

Hello everyone! Everybody is a fan of something, whether it be a book, TV show, or youtuber. However, video games are what we will be focusing on for this challenge.
Your job will be to make a legendary creature about a video game character. The character must have abilities that has synergy with the actual character.

The rules:
1. You cannot make a character that somebody else has made.
2. You cannot make a vanilla or french-vanilla creature.
3. Don't be afraid to post a character that is obscure or unknown, i'll research it and judge appropriately.
4. You cannot choose a character with no backstory or something to go off of.
5. No inappropriate pictures.
6. You cannot choose a character within the MTG universe(s).

How it will be judged:
Creativity /10
Art /5
Humor or intensity (You choose) /5
+3 Bonus points if you credit the artist.

The winners:
3 honorable mentions get one favorite on a card of their choice.
3rd place gets three favorites on cards of their choice.
2nd gets five favorites on cards of their choice.
1st gets six favorites on cards of their choice and a follow.

Happy Smithing!



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