Planeswalker's Journey 2.5: The Return of the Return



  • cannot... Resist... MUST... ADD... BLÜÉ
  • I'm determined to make this whole challenge a mono-black, it's been difficult to stay within the color pie.
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    @Spookoops Yes, an artifact creature is fine.
  • I choose option B...

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    On the left, a mighty sword, imbued with a holy flame. How powerful. How fiery. How magical. How lowbrow.
    What caught Bagej's interest immediately, however, was the glowing sphere that sat quitely on the right. That, it crackled with ethereal power. It could have been made by Bagej in his apex days, the finesse with which it was crafted.
    He looked into the mirrored orb, and saw many futures. Saw many versions of himself, saw how he should be in order to succeed. And so he cast aside all the chaos inside him. He inspired himself with wonderfully blue intelligence and order. It came like it was long overdue.
    Sphere in his hand (which he telepathically understood was to be called the Mirror of Gent), he began to shape new followers for himself from the aether, of all shapes and sizes. He drained his power to create a menagerie of beasts, an army of soldiers, a multitude of possible servants, and a lot of them at that. This was the power of Gent.


    But did this even come close to its true power? With no regard for his safety, no regard for his possible demise in draining so much life force from himself, he took the sphere, and he shattered it. From the shards, his hypnotised followers did build a great altar, which then echoed across the multiverse thrice. Once in the Blind Eternitites, once in this weirding realm and once on Clancularius, to grow his army threefold.


    This came with a significant loss in power, but no matter. He would win it back, and get evermore. No longer is he an Eternity Feeder, his power comes from outside. Nor is he Ever Nearing, because he is already there, in every way but physical. No. He is a lord. An Ethereal Lord.

  • P.S. As you can see from the art, he cheated your system and got the sword anyway
  • Can you extend this? I can't use cardsmith very much for a while so I need more time to find enough to make my card.
  • @KorandAngels You have until at least Monday, so as long as you get it done before then, it'll be fine.
  • @Aggroman15 Please post my cards you have in PM here for me. I have no time for it.
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    La'ayiv chooses the item to his Left. it is a wellspring of mana drawn from the parallel. he now can draw this mana into existence on the form of the plane he is on. now he Shifts the parallel and travels back to the Clancularis he was on to begin with.
  • Nai sees some fancy shmancy orb of fire on the left, but on the right he sees a lantern which is emanating a slight blue aura. He picks it up as the other one disappears. He now realizes he is invisible, and he takes it out, no one the wiser.

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    If I am Nai, I'll choose this orb of flame


    You are all tricky planeswalkers. Not me. I'm a fire. A vigorous blaze. I'm Mayora.
  • @Red_Tower @Murkletins @Vardrus You 3 have not yet entered your cards for this week! If you still wish to do so, you must enter your card by later today!
  • Sorry for the delay, haven't had a lot of time for cardsmithing lately, but hopefully that should be changing soon. Picked option 2/B.
  • Sorry for the delay as well and I choose option B:

  • Ok, We're still waiting on @Murkletins and it's getting late, so results will be up tomorrow.
  • This night, you once again feel a strange presence at the place where you sleep. You fall asleep, and are transported into the dream realm. The Spark-Eater Snake appears before you with one simple message:

    Two competitors have been eliminated. 6 of you remain.
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    Alright, it is time to share the 2 people who have sadly been eliminated this week:


    La'Ayiv of the Paralell ( @KorandAngels ) and Mercy, Engulfed in her Pain ( @Murkletins ) have been eliminated and sent home.

    Alright, now on to the scores!


    Well, we no longer have any ties, but ThatOneCat is still holding on to first place! Other than that not much change, but I'm sure that some... interesting things will come of this next challenge.

    1st: @ThatOneCat - Nai, Lost Artificer - 117 Points - No Slots Open
    2nd: @HeroKP - Bagej, Ever Nearing - 115 Points - No Slots Open
    3rd: @Spookoops - Lord Drakemor - 114 Points - No Slots Open
    4th: @EmolgAn - Mayora, Vigorous Blaze - 105 Points - 1 Common Slot Open
    5th: @Red_Tower - Redrewt, Frozen Saber - 98 Points - 2 Rare Slots Open
    6th: @Vardrus - Vardrus, Scion of Wrath - 93 Points - 1 Common and 1 Mythic Slot Open
    7th: @Murkletins - Mercy, Engulfed in Her Pain - 87 Points - Eliminated
    8th: @Korand Angels - La'Ayiv of the Paralell - 82 Points - Eliminated

    Last Week's Scores

    1st: @ThatOneCat - Nai, Lost Artificer - 105 Points
    1st: @Spookoops - Lord Drakemor - 105 Points
    3rd: @HeroKP - Bagej, Ever Nearing - 104 Points
    4th: @EmolgAn - Mayora, Vigorous Blaze - 93 Points
    5th: @Red_Tower - Redrewt, Frozen Saber - 87 Points
    6th: @Vardrus - Vardrus, Scion of Wrath - 81 Points

    And now, without further ado, here comes the next challenge!

    Challenge 6: Team Up

    Once you have received your artifact, you pop through another one of the floating portals to find yourself within seeing distance of the tower. However, you also see another thing: A person, radiating planeswalkarial power (Hooray for made-up words!). But before you can react to your first sighting of another competitor, the ground shakes, and you see a horde of shadowy enemies streaming at the two of you. Despite your best efforts, with every one you defeat by yourself, two more take it's place. It's obvious that the only way to defeat this threat is by working together with your fellow competitor.

    Ok, so this challenge is going to be a bit different. Here are the pairings, with first being paired with last and so on:

    @ThatOneCat is paired with @Vardrus
    @HeroKP is paired with @Red_Tower
    @Spookoops is paired with @EmolgAn

    For the challenge each individual will get 1 uncommon slot. By yourself create a card depicting your planeswalker attempting to fend off the enemies. I repeat, this card is BY YOUR SELF and you do not have to work with anyone for this one.

    Then, as a team, you will get 1 mythic slot. With this slot, you must work together to create a card that shows your two characters joining forces to finally defeat the shadowy horde.
    Some special rules for the combo card: It must be all the colors of each of your planeswalkers,(Example if a Red-Green planeswalker and a Blue planeswalker were put together, the card would need to be Red-Green-Blue) it will have an extra possible 2 points for successfully depicting your 2 characters teaming up, and it's score will be added to both of your point totals.

    Alright, sorry if that seems complicated, if you have any questions, feel free to ask. This one will have an extended deadline because of my irl schedule, and because I want to give you guys more time to get together and create your cards.

    And with that, Good Luck, Have Fun, and Happy Cardsmithing!
  • @spookoops Sorry, but I am settled quite comfortably in second place. I think I'll stay there. >:)
  • I don't really mind being eliminated.
    thanks for the game.
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    With his new found sword, Lord Drakemor wades into the foray, ready to sacrifice it all to reach his end goal.
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    After a PM collaboration, this is what @EmolgAn and I have created. Notice it is Mayora's fire elements with Drakemor and his crows. We hope this meets the criteria set forth.
  • @Vardrus and I’s creation


    My creation:

  • image

    An army... Pfff. Fire will extend and burn their corrupted soul before I need to fight. Especially with the help of Lord Drakemor.
  • Actually going to save up the slots on this one and make a grand comeback later
  • And for your team card ?
    Does Bagej is afraid by shadows ? Ouuuuuh .....
  • Okay, @Vardrus and @Red_Tower, you still need to make your individual cards, and @HeroKP and @Red_Tower You still need to make your colab card. I will wait to judge until all cards are in because the cut to Top 5 is pretty important, but it would be great if you could get your cards in soon.
  • @Aggroman15

    Yeah, sorry. We will make it shortly. I think I have an idea.
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