Rise of the Strangewalkers



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    If there are no zombie planeswalkers within mtg lore, than you can use them. I don't know Elspeth's lore, sorry.
  • (Why no appropriate art? What did you mean by that?)
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    They meant inappropriate artwork. It was a typo.
  • @MEGAElixer, yeah, there are no lore Zombie planeswalkers. Elspeth has never been represented as a Zombie...
  • I made another Avatar walker, but I can't enter it.
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    Small of stature, Sechie still has a great desire to protect those he cares for. He hales from a plane called Lothlia, a place where even the most noble of heroes pays no heed to the diminutive mice that live there. While the mice there have formed their own society, and even play a vital role on Lothlia's economy, they are deemed worthless as individuals. They're only value comes from their vast and uncountable numbers.

    Sechie had never begrudged his role in life. He never sought to be a hero or protector. He was cheap labor, and charged mostly with tasks that nobles thought themselves too important to do. Sechie appreciated the fact that he went by completely unnoticed, though. He thought that the hustle and bustle of most large folk was too tiring, and instead preferred the quiet of his burrow.

    However, when a fire broke out in the buildings in which he and his kin resided, Sechie's quiet life forever changed. The large folk all escaped safely, but a large portion of the mice were trapped within the walls of the burning houses.

    With no one coming to the aid of his kin, Sechie found himself quickly taking charge, helping clear a path for those still in danger. However, he soon realized that not everyone would make it out. He stayed until he had rescued as many as possible, and then ran back in to look for survivors.

    He was able to find several of his fellow mice who had collapsed, and drag them a small distance, but the building had collapsed the way he had come back in. With fire surrounding him and those he still hoped to rescue, he refused to give in.

    A loud crack split above him, and first timber plummeted towards him and his companions. In a gliding instant, his spark erupted, and his newfound power surged into a protective shield, saving Sechie and those nearby.

    After he had found another rout out, Sechie knew it was his duty now to protect those who need it most. He now travels the multiverse, seeking to aid those who most seem unimportant, proving to them that even the smallest Spark can make a great impact.
  • Alright everybody, seeing some outstanding entries, and I would love to see more. As of now, however, the challenge is closed for judging. Thank you all for your entries.
  • @everyone I am glad to announce the winner of The Rise of the Strangewalkers Challenge, with a perfect 11 points: Sechie, Bearer of Hope!

    @EternalWolf88, be sure to tell me the cards you want me to favorite!
  • Dang it... finally finished the art. Then again, I'm still trying to balance the card.
  • @everyone Hi again, there appears to have been a mistake. EternalWolff88 sent a message stating that his card actually had less points than I thought, which means that a different winner.

    @Vert you are actually the official winner, with Rogdan, Sky Screecher. Good work on the card. Just send a message for the cards you want me to favorite.

    Thanks everyone for your time.
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    @MEGAElixer I know it's late and won't be judged (and technically doesn't even fit the criteria), but since I was making the card anyways, have a werehyena planeswalker.

  • @Tommia Excellent card, dude! Love the art. Sorry the deadline was too short.
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