Triple-Black Challenge [Open. Judged by @Lastjustice]

I'm still in the process of judging my other challenge, so I figured why not start a new one. For this challenge, submit exactly one card new or old with a mana cost of BBB - three black mana symbols. (Note that the mana cost must be exactly that, so mana costs of BBBB, 1BBB, or B/P B/P B/P*, as examples, are prohibited.) *Represents Phyrexian mana

This card can't just be black. It has to ooze black, with that aura of darkness and the willingness to sacrifice anything for power that accompanies the three skulls in the upper right corner. Here are some examples from the real game:


(The template is a bit off on the last one, since it's very old, but it fits perfectly. I once played a Commander game where one of my opponents controlled Academy Rector, a creature that allows you to search an enchantment into play when it dies, and a bunch of other stuff. They cast Kaervek's Spite and proceed to search out Barren Glory.)

Cards are due by Friday, November 15.
image : Ok, I will extend the contest to the December 10th and allow a second entry.



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