Filtering Popular Cards?

Heya, your resident forum lurker here. I'm here to spit out another one of my occasional discussions.

The desire to start this discussion is mostly fueled by the endless stream of Magus (Magi if want the plural form) and Syr [name] cards.

Now, I have no beef against what shows up on the front page of the website (unless it is inappropriate), but is it possible to one day get something to filter what shows up on the front page? I was informed by @TenebrisNemo that the Fruit Dragon incident made it so only one cardsmith could show up on the front page at a time (barring the Featured Card), but I'm going to be honest and say that I'm getting kind of tired of all the Magi and Syr cards taking up space on the front page. I'm not here to check out the front page and get barraged with Magi for the Circuit challenge and Syr puns (as nice as they are); I've seen both types of cards sit on the front page day in and day out for the past several days. It's blocking out other far more unique card designs, and is turning me off from visiting the site when I'm not in the mood to smith cards.

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  • Are you proposing measures akin to that of the fruit dragons or to that of including a filter option in the page itself?
  • @Ranshi
    I was thinking more of the first, but a filter is always nice.
  • Would the former option not just cause the same problem, just with fewer slots?
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    A filter doesn't seem reasonable for the purpose of having the front page list in the first place, IMO.

    If a set of related cards all become "popular" at the same time it's a good thing for people that don't often make it to the front page anyway because they can join in if they'd like. It wouldn't make sense to restrict what "theme" could become popular.

    I'm not sure what originally cause the "one at a time" limitation, but there were a few of us that occasionally took over the entire front page which seemed a little unfair to other smiths. I'm glad for that change.
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    Popular is popular, as long as someone isn't purposefully boosting favourites for the sake of hitting the front page, stifling the creative process seems a little archaic.

    I understand your point, but nothing is really different than any other day, except there is a theme for the favourites.

    I'm curious as to how you would filter the cards? I'm not trying to get you to recognize the difficulty in this endeavour, I assume you can fathom how trying a task it would be for the creators to make such a filter. I'm just genuinely curious what you want to see on the front page.

    It seems easy enough already to follow smiths you want to see regularly, so there is no issue there.

    Forums are a perfect way to view contest entries.

    There's a section dedicated to "active" members if you want to check out new people or people who are going full ham in their world building.

    I'm just curious what the filter's purpose would be, since it's not a general filter, it's only for you to view on your computer/phone.
  • I liked the Fruit Dragons, they had nothing to do with the one cardsmith thing. I am also a fan of the Forum Contests taking over the popular cards... it means people are enjoying themselves.
  • I will make an effort to go vote for some non-Magus and non-Syr cards, however!
  • I happened to get my first card on the popular bar a few days ago, and it wasn't Magus of the Build (my entry in the magus contest). It was called Collosal Tree.
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