Secret Lair: MTG Cardsmith Edition

Hello, Everyone, I'm wanting to get back into the swing of things so I have decided to make this contest.

In my opinion I like the Secret Lair series. It's a fun little thing that gets wonderfully talented artists that currently don't work for MTG and remakes cards that people will use.

So I have decided to sorta recreate the Secret Lair Drop Series here on MTG Cardsmith. Its not an art contest. Let's get that out of the way.
What I want you to do is create cards that you think would fit into one of the categories I have listed below.

Category #1: EXPLOSION SOUNDS : Make things go BOOM! -From a GOBLIN (creature)
Category #2: OMG KITTEHS! : Kitty cats, Duh!
Category #3: KALEIDOSCOPE KILLERS : Five colors creatures, please
Category #4: HOUSE PARTY! (New!) Create a card that's colors are that of a Guild.
Category #5: ISLAND GETAWAY (New!) Create a BLUE Card.
Category #6: MECHANICAL MACHINATIONS (New!) Create an Artifact or Artifact Creature or Vehicle.
Category #7: DISCOMBOBULATED! (New!) Create an Un-card.

Here are the Rules.

#1 Each Cardsmith can create one card for each Category. That's 7 cards per person.
#2 every entry must be announced for which category its for.
#3 Each card can only be for one category. Even if it could fit into 2.
#4 Have fun and Start smithing!

This Contest ends on January 4th, 2020!

Now on to the Prizes.

Each card entered will be Faved.

Each Category will have a 1st, 2nd and 3rd
1st: Three faves of their choice.
2nd: Two faves of their choice.
3rd: One fav of their choice.

Now If 3 or more people create a full Set of MTG Cardsmilth Lair Drops
There will be Overall Winners
They will get Extra Favorites as well.

1st: Six Faves of their choice.
2nd: Four faves of their choice.
3rd: Two faves of their choice

Again Have fun and start smithing!


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