That's not how this works. That's not how ANY of this works! CONTEST!



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  • Two month bump...
  • 2.0001 month bump!

    I apologise with a massive amount of regret for my absence! I've just got my premium account going again and I want to honour the contest I started a stupid amount of time ago! I'll get this done by no later than 1st December!
  • …and there was much rejoicing!!
  • Please note, this contest is now closed and judging is in progress. I will have the results ready for this weekend! Thank you all for the accidentally massive patience you have all had during this time!
  • Sorry for the delay! Life keeps getting in the way! I have a day off tomorrow and the results will be here for all to see.
  • I'm going to get a shift on with this contest, I feel bad enough with how long I've been away as it is! Results will be here by the end of today (UK time).

    I have another contest that will not only be strictly adhered to with time but more premium prizes will be offered!

    First of all, I feel bad for keeping you all waiting for this time! Now I'm back and things are settling down for me, I want to honour this contest and go ahead with a second one very shortly after. To compensate for my absence, I will offer ALL 5 winners a month of premium MTGCardsmith subscription in addition to the favourited cards I offered.

    If your card is featured as a winner or as an honourable mention, please send me a message and I will honour your prize as quickly as possible.

    (Now I need to remember how to post card images and I'm good to go! :D )
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    5th PLACE!



    Comments will be brief due to my accidental self-imposed hiatus but I'll do what I can!

    I loved this card as it was wrong in so many ways; but those ways were very well thought of. Thank you for your submission! :D
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    4th PLACE!!



    A wonderful self harm spell with great art and flavour text. Well done! :D
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    3rd PLACE!!



    Beautifully silly, great art, great contradictions and brilliantly presented. Well done!
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    2nd PLACE!!



    Looks serious, has a great buildup to an ability that fails to deliver. Flavour text +1 to awesome until end of turn! Great stuff! :D
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    1st PLACE!!



    If I was drinking milk, I would've shot it straight out of my nose due to the laughter this brought me! A spectacular contradiction and a fantastically awful card in the same stroke. Well done! :D
  • Congratulations to all of the winners. As I said, I will give all 5 winners a month of premium MTGCardsmith subscription. All other prizes will be honoured in addition to this revision. Please send me a message on here; or if you prefer:

    scottsv (AT) hotmail (DOT) co (DOT) uk

    All prizes will be honoured within 24 hours of me receiving contact.

    I sincerely apologise for my unintended absence and the ..... months long..... end to this contest. I want to reassure all who entered that a future entry to my upcoming contest this week will be attended to very quickly. Without going too far into why, the last 18 months have been dreadful and I want to return to a community that I really enjoyed from July this year.

    All the best!


    @Corwinnn I'm sorry for the delay with this contest. I want to host another now I'm back and I hope you are happy for me to do so. I will happily honour all 5 premium MTGCardsmith subscriptions I have promised today.
  • My next contest will be based on making a spoof version of an official card of your choice. I will make this contest happen before Christmas.

    @Corwinnn Please let me know if this is ok :D
  • Sounds exciting!
  • @madstokie I think you got the wrong guy for Serene Landscape. The one who actually made it is @riib11. Glad you liked the flavor text for Wand of Spell Curving though. It was not a simple task to come up with it lol.
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    @EternalWolf88 Thank you! You're absolutely right. I'll change it now :D

    Send me your favourites in a message and I'll apply the month of premium for you :D
  • Thank you for the HM. I didn't quite know what I was supposed to go for, so I'm glad this worked.
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    @DrakeGladis My pleasure :D I have another contest coming up soon and I'll grant the decency not to take 5 months to judge it this time :D

    EDIT: The favourite has been added. Thank you for your massive amounts of patience :D
  • Just an Ordinary Gas Cloud

    Could have done more to it, but the process was tearing my soul to pieces :(
  • @SkyeSeraph This contest appears to have been finished before you posted.
  • @KorandAngels
    Oh lol, I was so excited I didn't even check. Thanks for the heads up!
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