Guild Pairs

This challenge is inspired by Ghired, Conclave Exile from this year's commander precons. He use to be a member of the Selesnya Conclave but joined the Gruul Clans after witnessing the glory of the one true god Ilharg. This is shown in his card design in that he uses both a Gruul "mechanic" (attacking and gaining benefits for it) and a Selesnya mechanic (populating). He also uses the green "mechanic" of having really big creatures. He also I would like you to make a legendary creature, or multiple if you want, that draws from multiple guilds on Ravinica. I would also like a short backstory explaining their connections to each of the guilds they represent. For inspiration, and an example of what I have in mind (though it doesn't need to be NEARLY as complex), here is a link I found to a cycle someone did for each of the opposing guild pairs:


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