What's Not in a Name?

There's one thing that almost every legendary creature has in common. Well, besides being legendary and creatures. It's that they have a proper given name. Names like Heliod, Akroma, Gerrard, Polukranos. But there's two legends that come to mind that violate this. The Gitrog Monster and Questing Beast.

(I am currently struggling to insert the images, so here's links to their pages instead.)

These two legends have names that break the naming convention, being legends without a "name". My challenge is you is to make more legends like this.

Prizes'll be pretty standard. Honorable mentions get one favorite. Third place gets a favorite and a choice of honorable mention. Second place gets two favorites and a chose of honorable mention. First place gets three favorites and a choice of honorable mention.

So what am I looking for in these cards, beyond being an unnamed legend?

1. Artist credit. This is a huge deal. Remember to credit your artists, they put a lot of work into their pieces.
2. Creative naming. I'm aware I don't leave a lot of room here thanks to the nature of this challenge, but if you think you can get creative, go for it.
3. Solid design. I'm looking for cards that are balanced (not overpowered or underpowered), don't break the color pie, don't do anything like go infinite on their own, and have at least close to proper syntax. Please note that I'm not looking for EDH designs, just legends. If you want to design something that works as a commander, more power to you, but it's certainly not something I'll be checking.
4. New cards, made on or after March 24th. I won't be allowing old cards for this. And I will be checking.
5. A maximum of four submissions per person, and you can only win once.

The final date for submissions will be the last day of April, the 30th. Ideally I'll have it judged within a week afterwards.

Hopefully you have fun smithing, I was thinking this could be at least interesting.


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