MTG Legendaries Get Their Spark!

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Ever wondered what it would be like if a specific legendary creature got to be a planeswalker instead? Well that's exactly what this discussion forum is for!!! There are only 2 rules in this forum, those being Comment on the previous post, then Post UP TO 2 PLANESWALKER CARDS THAT ORIGINATED FIRST AS LEGENDARY CREATURES, and no spamming/harassing.

I'll start first. 

  Drana Chosen by Zendikar


  • @Liwg I love this contest idea, not gonna lie! For Drana, since she's a 5 drop mythic, I think her -2 can be a little more substantial. I'd definitely recommend making it a -2/-2. Her ult is okay, it's not fantastic, but then again, that's another reason you can bump her -2 up in power! Here's two I just made (I randomly searched mtg cards and tried to find legendaries that weren't dead (?) so they might be a little more obscure!) imageimage Originals: imageimage Cheers!
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    Glad I was scrolling through the forums, this looks interesting. @RohanDragoon Your Diochan seems rather interesting, but by the time you activate her ultimate, I don't think it would usually do any more than 7 damage, so it could probably be a -6 or 7, otherwise I find it cool. I really love your Nemata, it seems to keep the same flavor as the original, and it seems well balanced.

    Here are my Planeswalkers:

    (Sorry they're huge, I don't know how to make them smaller.)


  • I really like Riku, Mirror Mage. Even without his final ability, I enjoy how he is a mana dork that can multiply himself.
    Lim Dul is less exciting to me. The emblem doubtlessly has good combo potential but the total package is less appealing to me. (Even with the suggestion that Lim Dul is the Raven Man.)

    For my submissions, first up is Arcanis, who might already be a planeswalker in disguise (much like how Blind Seer was actually Urza)

    Second, I have the bolder of the two: Zur

    While I didn't try to make either broken, I'm not very concerned with how balanced they are and more interested in what people think of the designs.
  • I always thought Zur and Lim-Dul ought to be planeswalkers. They’re from my old-bastard MtG era so I have a soft spot for them. 
  • Here is my submission:

    Based on Krenko, Goblin Boss.
  • Ignore my previous comment, it is not the right card.
    Here is my actual submission:
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    Well I am back!

    @KingWatherton, your Krenko seems good, although I personally feel it is a bit overpowered. First off,  if you use his plus, he is a 3 mana 7 loyalty planeswalker with his own protective creatures, thats pretty good. His ultimate, actually seems slightly bland and is very undercosted, But the -1 is ridiculous in any goblin deck, i could easily see it killing players alone.

    Anyways the card does seem to keep the flavour so i think you did a good job overall. 

    Here are my two submissions

    ( I still dont get why they're huge.)

    The Original Cards:

    Hope you enjoy!

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    Based on Ryusei, Falling Star.
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    Based on Kaysa
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    @Bobman111, Please don't just spam cards. Assuming you missed the rules of the forum, you have to comment on the previous post first,  then you may upload up to two cards. We still need to critic @Abu_Jafar 's cards first.
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    Jareth Titanic Defender

     Since Arcanis was already here, I decided to bring in another of the Coliseum Five (based on this guy)

      Jareth Leonine Titan
  • @SpellPiper2213 don't forget you have to critique either @Bobman111 's cards (or mine.)
  • @Abu_Jafar oh okay

    @Bobman111 for Ryusei's second ability, if you're going for an effect like Chandra's Outrage I'd rewrite the ability to "Ryusei, Fallen Star deals 3 damage to target creature and 3 damage to that creature's controller." Also, Ryusei's mana cost seems fairly expensive, and I think the last ability should cost more loyalty if you plan of keeping him at 5 starting.
  • @Abu_Jafar. Nice legendaries!! I love the fact Norin still get returned to his hand whenever attacked. Also the two abilities, pretty decent in power (considering creature won't be able to attack him at all). The only thing I could see changing is maybe make the mana cost 1RR? Idk. The second planeswalker I haven't heard of but my guess is that he's a dimir guild legendary? The abilities he has are literally what make the perfect U/B walker because it has 2 things blue and black are good at: killing and milling!!! I really like how it can protect itself in a "dimir" styled way by making Horror tokens. Lastly, that ultimate can be pretty powerful. Overall, very well designed cards. 

    @SpellPiper2213 Very interesting legendary, briefly heard of him, but the planewalker you made kind of reminds me of a combination of Gideon and Ajani put into one card, but still a cat. The plus ablility looks pretty strong, and that's also the part that reminds me of how Gideon works, but is it maybe a little too strong, with lifelink in the mix? Idk maybe not. The second ability looks pretty good, basically giving you a potential "free" attack twice. The ultimate is pretty well balanced and give a mini callback to the original card in a sort of way. Overall, a nicely designed magic card. 

    Alright, now that everyone has had their cards commented on, here's mine.
    What do you all think of Thalia, Venerated General?

    Thalia Venerated General
  • @Liwg, not going to lie, I had to search up the character to know what to base it off, but the first and third ability seem like a spot on representation of both Thalia's. The second ability seems a bit powerful for three mana. I like the ultimate, but I do see getting out of hand in superfriends and proliferate decks. Overall though, a rather interesting card I would most likely include in my only white deck.

    Thoughts on this random guy
    Zhang Liao Hefei Leader

    Based off of this person, who is trash.

  • @Abu_Jafar To be honest, I had to look up the mechanic to fully understand what this planeswalker does, but now that I know, I find it rather interesting. It doesn't seem to be very often that one finds a planeswalker who supports specific mechanics. And, I think your planeswalker is WORLDS better than the original card.

    Here's mine:

    Based on:

  • I love that card, and I absolutely hate how the multiverse seemed to go out of its way to make Mirri's life miserable. Good job.

    As for mine, I went with this girl.

    Based on this card, though the second ability came from her Vanguard card

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    @Level20GnollBard Thanks. Like you, I really hate how Mirri got the short end of the stick. Great job on your planeswalker! =)
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  • Once I get my laptop back, I want to make one for Zurr
  • I didn't know that DimirPride was a number?
  • Lol @KorandAngels
    Yes, it's bigger than #google
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    Oooo! Lazav! Ok. @Fallen_Lord_Vulganos. Nice job on the planeswalker! The first and second ability perfectly capture Lazav ( I also like that he surveils) Also, That ultimate, while it may be ridiculously strong, is still super in flavor, because the dimir steal things, like memories and such. Overall, an awesome card. 

    Ok. so I fixed up Drana, and I actually changed up most of the card. What do you guys think? Might be too with having multiple abilities from the start, but idk.  

     Drana Zendikars Chosen
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    @Liwg The ultimate is still luck dependent if the target is an opponent. But of course you could also use topdeck manipulation spells if the target is yourself. It's not that strong compared to cards like Golos, Villainous Wealth, or such.
  • @Liwg I love it!! I don't think it's too much, though it does seem a little weird that none of the abilities are "restricted" from the start -- usually you have to pump a planeswalker a little to get to its ultimate. But throwing away planeswalker standards I find the card pretty balanced, and I love the subtle ways it synergizes with itself. It doesn't really scream any particular archetypes but it could fit into many different decks. I also love the callback to the original card on the -x, it's very well incorporated. Great job!

    Here's mine: (Sorry, I've been having issues with uploading pictures to the forum for some reason, even though it used to work just fine.)
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