Deathtouch and Lifelink

Observation: In the history of Magic, there are only 10 creatures that have both deathtouch and lifelink. There are another 15 cards that grant those powers, either singly or together, and most of those are temporary

Observation: We get about 20 creature cards a day here which have both those abilities. 



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    Who cares. 

    Counterspells, spot removals, and boardwipes ahoy!
  • The answer is simple... Because we can!

  • Because it seems flavourful. It is like the attacking creature steals the other creatures souls, then converts it into life essence for you to use.
  • That's a good one @Abu_Jafar
  • When I saw this thread, I assumed it was a question on how they function when combined, but that doesn't seem to be the case. Could somebody explain what specifically is being asked, perhaps in such a direct manner, so that I might not confuse it again?
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    "There are only 10 cards in the actual game that have both Deathtouch and Lifelink, but on MTGCardsmith these are getting churned out constantly, let's speculate on this."
  • Ah... that... is beyond my grasp, as I rarely understand the motivations of people.

    My best guess is that people like making what there isn't much of. We just love to make things that are original.
  • I feel more like if you have one of those two, the next mechanic that pops into mind is the other.  Life and death are a duality that is closely linked in the minds of mortals.
    Also, having a low power card feels weak, and these two mechanics make it so that the amount of value on a card that would otherwise be pretty sad is actually quite decent.  
    And of course, @Abu_Jafar is correct.  The flavor of devouring souls, or destroying something for personal gain, is hard to resist.  It is pretty low hanging fruit, and yet one WotC rarely uses, so it feels like we are pushing limits without risking making things op... 
  • Deathtouch // lifelink sounds like one of those split cards.
  • DrakeGladisKorandAngels You both make great observations - nothing to add, just love these ideas
  • I personally think it's because lifelink and deathtouch are two of the most powerful keyword abilities. 
    And if anyone is anything like me they wish there were more of them out there.
  • Idk: Haste, hexproof, trample, and infect are totally in my high-ranks.  But maybe that is because I am usually just granting them one of the above for a turn (minus infect, I don't play with or against that stuff... *shivers dramatically*)

  • My take is that folks like putting several keywords on one card. B has access to both of these and they tend to come to mind before menace or first strike.

    Lifelink is strange in that it scales strongly with higher power but deathtouch is the inverse - it's most useful on small creatures. There are very few cards that should have both keywords for that reason alone.
  • Unless you are trying to have a constant pinger.  Most people don't block a 1/5 deathtouch because it isn't worth it.  Add in lifelink, and the equation doesn't change.  But the value does.
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