Heroes with a dash of Black **CIRCUIT CHALLENGE**



  • This guy's a hero to all the beings out there that are getting terrorized by human's.

  • In Orzhath children are picked out to be trained as Assassins. They do this to insure that if anyone becomes a threat to them they can quickly take them out.
    Drake is the prince and a fellow Assassin of these people and will stop at nothing to insure that his people can be protected either by themselves or by their kingdoms Assassins.
    these band of Assassins also take on jobs to profit from them to make sure that Orzhath doesn’t lose its wealth.
    (he’s one of the good guys.)
  • Auros the Black Armor is deleted, sorry. There was a technical difficulty with the card.

  • Harveth is a possessed scarecrow that was made during the ruin of his home town. Since then, the town has been populated by the zombies of the old townsfolk. He is trying to get him and the other scarecrows to continue to harvest the fields and rid the town of the zombies, hopefully luring other people to come to the town to re-populate it, so that he can be put back to rest along with the other scarecrows.
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    How about this then? Is this heroic enough? Because surely you cannot make a character "heroic" without any extensive backstory that supports it.

  • Isn't Harveth from another challenge???
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    @LordTachanka123 Quite possibly, yes. There's no rule dictating that you can't enter a card into multiple challenges if it fits them (though of course you probably shouldn't ruin a design purely because you want to fit an extra condition and so go into multiple competitions). That'd be silly.
  • Yeah, I know.Just thought I recognized him.
  • Cards from other challenges are allowed
  • Ok good. I figured he might work here as well.
  • https://mtgcardsmith.com/view/kawasi-fire-of-the-forest?list=user
    Kawasi is basically a guy who, when a creature is really weak, he shoots fire at it and then brings it back to life much more powerful. 

  • Here's a mono black hero.
    Parlok used to be a 'bad-guy' warrior. But then in a great moment of personal weakness he almost died and was nursed to health by poor natives. Since then he has served as 'caretaker if the weak.' ( the natives or peasants. )
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    On the surface, Aldric is a hero of the people, a slayer of monsters, and a tenacious and courageous warrior who never gives up in a fight. Underneath, he is a man terrified of death who wishes to make himself immortal through his deeds. He stands against great and legendary foes through dire straits with the aim of becoming mythologized.

    Trychophya's fen is its own ecosystem, created and protected by her. A flourishing wetland, and a refuge to those who wish to live within it, Trychophya is attentive and proactive in providing sufficient rot and mulch to grow and protect herself. Those who come with good intentions may live and eventually die there in peace if they wish to, protected by the thorns and brambles nurtured from those who died before them.

    Adi is an angel who takes the lives of those who are wounded and dying. The weight of these deaths on their peers fuels her destructive powers, and enables her to avenge those whose suffering she has alleviated.
  • 2nd Entry:

    A spirit that guards the division between the afterlife and the real world in order to prevent the spirits of the dead to come back in vengeance.
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    My first entry:

    Don't think this one requires much explanation xD

  • Gerald was a genius when it came to chemical warfare. Despite the moral questionability and general inhumane nature that goes along with most chemical warfare, desperate times can call for desperate measures. The city of Ironcliff had been besieged for two months Withduring a long war with an enemy nation.  With quickly dwindling numbers, soldiers there were on the losing end of a war of attrition. So, with the city as good as lost, Gerald pulled together a voluntary skeleton crew for his air ship, The Pestilent Malady

    and filled its tanks with a highly toxic gas. He piloted the ship up out of the city and over the enemy troops below. The released gas immediately began poisoning both allies and enemies alike. The ship was shortly destroyed by the enemy, but this only served to spread the gas even further. In less than a day, over 30,000 enemy soldiers died to the toxins held within the ship. While the price of this had been the remaining 1,200 people left in the city of Ironcliff, this sacrifice crippled the enemy army and forced a ceasefire between the warring nation's, which eventually led to a long and prosperous peace.
  • Entry No. 1:

  • Entry No. 2:

    Ulises the Last Protecter 

    This god was thought to be selfish and evil. When his plane is invaded, the other four gods on his plane fall. The people turn to him, hoping that he will help, and he does. Ulises extends his protection to everyone on the plane, at the cost of his own life. The people of that plane still worship their fallen gods today. Their steadfast devotion to the fallen gods are slowly allowing them to form again to help defend the plane again.
  • So, can we still enter cards even though the deadline was one April 31st? I know 
    EnvyReaper posted that they wouldn't be active for a while.
  • @shadow123 @Corwinnn

    I have come back to clarify that I am moving the deadline to the 10th, you now have 5 more days, additionally, everyone is allowed to submit an extra submission
  • @EnvyReaper Thanks! I hope you're doing well now!
  • Sweet. I'm submitting one asap.
  • Last day to enter!!
  • Final entry:
    A dryad, she keeps the forest alive but recycling all dead matter back into the woods.
    If you're confused by the ability, check out the comment on the card page.
  • Scacco Forgotten Hero
    This character was a hero to the plane of theros when Heliod and Erebos started fighting a long time ago. He was given power by Erebos to aid the god of the underworld against the sun god. Scacco ended up learning Erebos's true intent and helped banish Erebos back to the underworld.

    This card was made for @Scaccogaming

  • Farona is one of the few remaining beings from a plane broken and beaten into nothingness by enigmatic creatures.  She gained her spark during that calamity, and planeswalked to the plane where the Blightweald resides.  With her newfound powers, she reigns supreme over the abhorrent abominations that come from the Blightweald, and uses those powers to find her lost love and restore her home plane.
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    Swabbie is extremely ambitious and is daring enough to get into places many wouldn't dare to. Swabbie has been called into action for many tricky jobs over time because of this, as Swabbie's skills have proven to be enough to help Swabbie's mates thwart their enemies schemes time and time again, including saving their lives.

    Anyways, hope you like the card!
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