Ikoria 2020 Commander Decks: Which are your favorites?

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Just ordered myself two decks: Kalamax (Temur Spells) and Gavi (Jeskai Cycling)

What are you're favorites? Have any of you guys ordered the decks?


  • I like the one with XP counters. Haven't played with them though. Still haven't been to my game store...
  • Picked up Gavi mostly for Fierce Guardianship, but I like the deck and am looking to make it into a real thing.
  • I like the Abzan deck.
  • Got the sultai one because I love mutate. The base deck is pretty weak though, so I recommend being prepared to make some serious overhaul upgrades if you plan to buy it.
  • Oddly enough, Arcane Maelstrom makes a fantastic group slug deck. Personally, I'm excited to do fair things with Enhanced Evolution.
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