COLONISERS: Season 7!!! (Colonisers of Nemain)



  • Isn't 5'oclock on tuesday technically tuesday?
  • @KorandAngels

    Terribly sorry, I meant Wednesday the Second.
  • My entry is...... 
                                               THE ZARILDI DOMINION
    The Leader:

    Kamagiwik Chief of Zarildi
    Once he was a chief of one small tribe of viashino. He ordered to build a city, that would attract all other tribes and they will join him without bloodlust. The city was built and the tribes united under his reign. Now he rules a giant empire of personally devoted warriors.
    The city:
    Tehanota the Great Capital 

    This city is a symbol of unity and flourishment for all the Dominion. High temples pierce skies, obelisks are seen everywhere. Everything shows Zarildi dominance.

    The Magic:
    Lead the Army

    A Zarildi hero Gazauhar inspires armies with his magic, he destroys their fear and fills their hearts with rage.

    The army:

    Zarildi Army

    Armies of the Dominion are based on the perfect unity of all warriors. These fearless soldiers don't know mercy to enemy soldiers, but they show respect to defeated generals and officers. 
  • @HeroKP, what happens now?
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    @TemurGlint Viashino Tribal needs more support in real cards.
  • @ChoyBoi and all other participants,

    what happens now is I slot all the files into the COLONISERS machine, (still allowing room for any sort of rogue submissions, if anyone suddenly gets any ideas), and in around 20 hours or so, that machine starts rolling, taking us to contest land.

    Gazauhar the Chosen of Gods

    Gazauhar is a famous Zarildi hero, who had completed many feats. There's one of them.

    Once Gazauhar was walking through a forest, but suddenly, he saw a huge herd of elks and other beasts escaping from something.  The hero wanted to explore that event. he tracked where the animals came from. There he saw a giant serpent eating an elk. Gazauhar shouted: '' These woods belong to the Dominion! Don't dare to scare animals away!'' 

    -No. These lands are mine now. I've conquered them with my own teeth!- the serpent answered.

    - Then I will reconquer them!

    - So be it.

    They started fighting. The serpent and viashino were fighting for three days and three nights and no one could achieve victory because the serpent had unbreakable scales
    and Gazauhar was guarded by his god. At the start of the fourth day, Gazauhar pretended tired. The serpent opened his mouth to swallow Zarildi hero and then Gazauhar pierced him from inside. 

    That's only one of Gazauhar's great feats.
  • 13...

    An unlucky number. Right to Nemain's style.
  • 13 contestants are at the door.

    At the end of their path, only one will remain.

    Yet who shall be allowed to pass the threshold in the first place?

    Gate    2  2  Dek-Dcom - Writer

    The blood and bile and tears and toil
    Of those wound round this mortal coil
    Shall rain upon the cursed land
    Where no king did to this day stand
    And execute their schemes of grand,
    They all until now did recoil

    Yet now a ragtag group of lords
    Take up their factories and swords
    To try to break the crackling veil
    To try to take up claw and nail
    And to drink from the holy grail
    And rend the door bound by these cords

    Of iron strength and steel resolve
    That every challenger did dissolve
    And conquer this here virgin land
    Where no king could conceiv'bly stand
    And execute their plans of grand
    And the equation of life solve.

  • To put it simply, the bloodbath we have planned for this season requires quite a bit of fuel in the form of factions to tear apart, so in this first ever 13 CONTESTANT EDITION OF COLONISERS,


  • Let's give a warm welcome to:

    @KorandAngels's New Dromoka!

    @spookoops's Xedd!

    @SpellPiper2213's Quatha Federation!

    @LordTachanka123's Koreli Mystics!

    @IzItTru's Children of Neress!

    @Nomp's Talniri Clan!

    @ChoyBoi's Rising Sun!

    @RegalGorgon13's Woods of Wendigo!

    @MonkeyPirate2002's Filigree Industry!

    @DrakeGladis's Fascist Robots Schwarmi Nodule!

    @AxNoodle's Empire of Tsayami!

    @Aggroman15's Four Seasons Kingdom!

    @TimurGlint's Zarildi Dominion!

    Yep, that's right, everyone!


  • Map and First Challenge pending...
  • I mean... if you want to put them down just as fascist robots, go ahead.
  • I look forward to the first challenge!
  • Me as well!
  • My gosh well this is a pleasant surprise. This should be fun!
  • Here we go!

  • Usually COLONISERS maps are quite subtle and abstract. This season will be different in this regard.
  • Exploration of the Cave Nele Diel on ArtStation at  httpswwwartstationcomartwork89YJO  Dark cave Lovecraftian horror  Cave paintings

    @KorandAngels@spookoops@SpellPiper2213@LordTachanka123@IzItTru@Nomp,@ChoyBoi, @RegalGorgon13@MonkeyPirate2002@DrakeGladis@AxNoodle,

    The first challenge shall not deviate from the norm. EXPLORATION!

    This is a strange world, and many of you are in strange places on the map, as you can see.

    So for Friday the 11th of December, you must create a card depicting your faction venturing out. Exploring. Trying to make sense of a world that looks like this:

    warrior Bloodborne video games black artwork creepy creature fantasy  art dark trees  1920x1080 Wallpaper - wallhavencc

    This is also very early for any season so far, but since you are all so crowded on the map, YOU MAY ALREADY START MAKING CONTACT WITH YOUR SURROUNDINGS.

    You may communicate with any players reasonably close to you. It makes sense to seek out potential relations early, because knives will soon be brought closer and closer to any potential throats.

    Good luck!
  • @HeroKP what’s the meaning of the map being a fork plate and spoon?.....Oh wait never mind I got it now.
  • It looks like a set of crumbling hips....
  • Anyway....
    Hoo boi.  Wendigo and Teferi
  • @HeroKP
    I would like to send an envoy to the Children of Neress with an offer of alliance.
  • @ChoyBoi

    Very well! That was quick!

    This will require a card that represents travel by sea or sky in some way (you have the unique option of flight at your fingertips, so don't be afraid to use it), as well as a PM with @IzItTru to figure out the terms of the alliance, should they choose to accept.

    You are doing well to utilise your resources and time directly.
  • @HeroKP
    The last world conquered by the Rising Sun held a strange race of angels, the only other race of angels discovered in all the years of the empire. Their mages known as dovecallers, they work their magic on birds, making them perfect scouts.

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