SJ Radio (Ongoing)

Hey guys, so I am going to start this as a radio station. I am your DJ, and for this discussion, I guess I'll go by DJ SJ. All you have to do is request a 'song' (a song is a card) and I'll put it on the cycle of cards for you and post them here. Just tell me what you'd like to see me create,  do you want something slow and melodic, or do you want something heavy and yelling, or how about something rapping fast and rhyming? Whatever your request will be, simply message me here and I'll make a card of it for you so long as it is nothing too far fetched that can be done and nothing offensive. So that's it! We will wait for the first caller, and from there we will start playing your favorite hits, welcome to SJ Radio, where all the 'songs' we play are based on YOUR requests! The telephone lines are now open.


  • @sorinjace, this seems great! Can I have something slow but with some beat?
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    I mean... you got any metal in there?
  • Techno. Just Techno. If you have that, of course!
  • I'd love some scotish or irish folk, Your DJness
  • sure thing guys! I'll be adding all of your requests to the mix in sequence of order request so sit back, relax, and just enjoy the melodies. After all, music soothes even the most savage beast.

    The first cardsmith to request a song is @ChoyBoi and they want something slow with some beat. That will be coming up next, stay tuned ChoyBoi and I'll create the card and drop it here for you. Next up following your request will be @Corwinnn's request for a personal favorite style of music of mine,  a metal song! Keep it tuned in guys, we will be right back after a quick commercial break.
  • Check out fellow cardsmith @Ranshi's new youtube channel and hit that subscribe button if you haven't already. Here is the pilot video if you missed it!

  • Coming up next, @ChoyBoi's request! Stay tuned!
  • Coming up now, it's a slow song with a nice steady beat for caller @ChoyBoi! Hope it's to your liking, and feel free to place more requests if you like!

    Up next, it's a metal song for our furry friend @Corwinnn. Don't miss it!
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    Can I order something from (Look it up on youtube, the site needs flash, which turned off at the start of the year.)
  • Give me something soft and smooth, but with strokes of melancholy and a slight undertone of romanticism
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    Something i could commit seppuku to


    I need something to put me in a trance while I catch up on all these favorites I owe people. 
  • really fast and jumpy electronic/techno music please
  • You guys asked for it, and we will put those songs in rotation, first come first serve! Stay tuned! For now, a word from our sponsor.

    Check out sorinjace and @Amastarscry opening booster boxes and more on this clip here!

    Up next, a metal song for @Corwinnn followed by a techno song for @TheDukeOfPork. Stay tuned! 🤘😎
  • Going to request something slow and romantic, with a high falsetto.
  • Here it is, Valhalla fans! A "metal" song for @Corwinnn, who has a courageous heart and the bravery of a warrior to boot! After all, you don't get to become the leader of the Squirrels for nothing.

    Up next, a techno song for @TheDukeOfPork, followed by a folk song for a good lad named @ThePhantomJoker ! Things are going to be very energetic here, so stay tuned!
  • Hey DJ SJ, long time listener, first time caller. Can I request some lo-fi hip hop beats to study/relax to?
  • Sure thing @TheRacingTurtle! Thank you for tuning in, and keep that radio cranked up! We got up next a techno song for @TheDukeOfPork!

    And up next, a folk song for @ThePhantomJoker. So sit back, relax, tap your foot or your fingers or even your head, folk is up next. Stay tuned!
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    And now, a quick identification. You are listening to SJ RADIO, home to a variety of music where like variety is to variety magic players, variety is our thang! Request any style of song and I will make you a card in that fashion for your own uses! You can request again after your previous request but I answer requests in order. Let's take a look at what's going on for this month on mtgcardsmith!

    Check out this cool contest if you haven't already. You can earn a free Ox avatar for submitting a card that has anything to do with Oxes! Here is the link!
  • and now, another mtg joke meme:

    Stay tuned because up next, a folk song for @ThePhantomJoker!
  • @sorinjace When I saw that meme for the first time I legit freaked out. Whoever owns that car has to be the coolest dude on the planet.
  • @sorinjace

    A crazy, noisy, bizarre song.

    (mori, mori, mori, mori... mori, mori, mori, mori... Morioh Radio!)
  • Yo, Dj. I'll take a black metal cover of a country song.
  • Can I get some good old fashioned Dad Rock @sorinjace?  Thanks in advance, and my compliments to whoever writes the script for the jokes.
  • Thank you for your requests and I have been quite busy as of late and for that I apologize! I will be answering everyone's requests as soon as my premium clears I just paid for 2 months gifted to my own account but it hasn't posted yet so as soon as my premium is put on my account I'll get to everyone's cards! (Anybody know who do I ask and where do I send my question of checking on my premium since Grant isn't the main person behind the scenes anymore? Do I ask @IanLowenthal?) Thanks for your time guys! I can't make cards until my account either I delete a lot of cards or my premium goes through.
  • @sorinjace, I'll send a message, it most likely won't be for a few hours
  • @sorinjace
    I think @Ian_The_Guru is the main admin or whatever
  • @Corwinnn @WarriorCatInAhat Sweet! I'll be patient and Corwinnn I appreciate you letting them know thanks! 😊
  • That's what I do... I'm helpful as all get up!
  • And while we are waiting for the premium to drop, here is my band Exalted Marauder's sequel to Sorinjace's Shoutouts simply titled Sorinjace's Shoutouts Part 2! Its more down tempo and tribal sounding then the original song and updated and newer cardsmith names are included. Check it out if you dare lol! We aren't no Metallica but we had a lot of fun recording this.

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