Quick Challenge — White Card Draw [RESULTS & FEEDBACK AVAILABLE!]

Hello everyone!  :)

I'm hosting this quick contest after some debate in the Rezatta thread over White's card draw abilities. As you may know, White is slowly getting more card draw effect in recent sets, but WOTC is still trying to find the correct way to do it while respecting the colour pie. Here are some recent examples:

Now, I challenge you to make some monoWhite designs that draw you cards! Here are the rules:
  • Each entry must be monowhite.
  • Each entry must allow you to draw one or more cards.
  • The card draw ability must respect the colour pie philosophy. No colour-shifted Divination.
  • The card draw ability cannot simply be a cantrip. (A cantrip just adds "draw a card".)

In addition, here are some rules for the contest itself:
  • The deadline is in one week, on Sunday, March 21st
  • Each participant can submit up to three entries
  • Old cards are allowed
  • Text-only cards are allowed but you must link the illustration that would go with it
  • Rewards are:
    1st place: 5 favourites of your choice
    2nd place: 3 favourites of your choice
    3rd place: 1 favourite of your choice

I hope you'll get inspired by this quick little challenge!
I'm curious to see with what you all will come up =D


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