Future Storylines?

I am quite curious, what do you think the future of MTG story? We know the Phyrexians are involved, but what else? Is Emrakul involved? When is the next Phyrexian Praetor showing up? I'm curious about your thoughts.


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    I thought that Kasmina was going to gather students for a cult thing, cuz the mtg wiki says that she's the leader of a shadowy cabal that's preparing for a threat bigger than War of the Spark. But it doesn't seem like she has any connection to the Oriq, so it's fairly safe to assume that I'm wrong.

    Another possible theory that I had (which I really really hope isn't true), is that we see a Phyrexian on Innistrad, who is looking at how Emrakul warped the plane and maybe taking a piece of the moon (where Emrakul was trapped in).

    This was my whole Phyrexian-arc theory:

    We got a hint to the return of the Phyrexians in Kaldheim. We'll be introduced to Kasmina's cult in Strixhaven (This is incorrect unless Kasmina is somehow confirmed to be affiliated with the Oriq). we won't see any Phyrexian for the D&D set (Pretty obvious). Maybe some hint of the Phyrexians on Innistrad (or we see a Phyrexian steal the moon [Insert Despicable Me reference here]). If the Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty rumor is real, then I'm guessing the Phyrexians will attack Kamigawa. For the climax in 1.5-2 years, we'll get a final battle on New Phyrexia with Karn trying to blow up the world with that Cylix thing.
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    @feralitator So a thought I had, if Emrakul enjoys consuming pure mana, where does Phyrexian Oil lie? As far as I understand the Oil is currently colorless, meaning that Emrakul and therefore most Eldrazi aren't gonna find that very tasty. Could it be that on Innistrad it's Eldrazi vs Phyrexians? With Phyrexian Werewolfs and Eldrazi Vampires (or vice versa) ?

    I think that would be awesome.
  • I think that the Phyrexians are definitely up to something that deals with godhood


    Seeing how Vorniclex was on Kaldheim (it seems) to steal the essence of the World Tree that Esika distilled to give the Kaldheim gods their godhood, I think it's a safe bet to say that it's something there.

    Not only that, I think that it's a little overlooked that Niko at the end of the storyline asks Kaya if she knows about Theros. From what I can tell, Niko is from there, but also, I think that it's a strange coincidence that there's mention of the only other plane that now has a real presence of "gods" (all we have left is Hazoret and Illharg).

    With that being said, I think that the phyrexian praetors are focused on becoming gods.

    I think that absolutely I agree with @feralitator that Kasmina plays an important role. Her wiki says that she commands an ancient order of planeswalkers. Considering she is gathering planeswalkers, I think it's a safe bet to think that she is against the Phyrexians, seeing as how they are really the only multi-planar threat that is ancient enough and widespread enough to warrant a massive, ancient order (also because, as far as we know, the Eldrazi only appeared on Zendikar, which is why I don't think it's totally necessary to need planeswalkers).

    I'm not entirely sure that how Kamigawa will fit into this if true, although, to be fair, there are spirits on Kamigawa that are incredibly powerful, including the Myojin of Night's Reach who has planeswalked before. But who knows?

    I also think that without a master, we might see Tezzeret alongside the Phyrexians due to his affinity for artifacts and/or Ob Nixilis up to some shenanigans with releasing Emrakul
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    @RohanDragoon If Kasmina plays a role of 'anicient order of planeswalkers' I get an idea of something like the Weatherlight crew. A new group to replace the Gatewatch, and fight the Phyrexians, plus if you look at recent planeswalker's color identities...
    Kasmina = GU
    Kaya = WB
    Niko = WU
    Will/Rowan = RU
    Garruk = GB
    ...and all the others...
    There is a chance a new (gatewatch, stand in term for lack of better example) in mostly 2 color pairs could be made, plus planeswalkeres like Teferi, who have personally dealt with Phyrexians, could be a huge part as they give direct information. I mean Karn wants to nuke the place last I checked, but he can't if the Praetors become Gods.

    But also... isn't Yawgmoth thought to be a form of God for the Praetors? Considering he was the 'father of machines' and Elesh Norn is considered Mother of Machines... I think the most likely thing is that Elesh Norn is attempting to obtain godhood, and if the theory that Tezzeret is currently working for them is true, then that could mean that he knows of going on-s in another god world...

    If Xenagos rose to Godhood thanks to devoted followers, doesn't that mean if Phyrexians showed up on Theros they could easily rise if enough people became corrupted by oil? 
  • @Dom_Rocks
    absolutely I totally agree with like absolutely everything!

    Since we just got theros though, I doubt we'd return anytime in the next couple of years. On the other hand, for planeswalkers we also have Basri and Vivien who have joined the fray. With Bolas being completely defeated Vivien is ??? and especially with the Phyrexians mechanizing life, I think Vivien might also come up as a warden of life

    Honestly, I'm still shocked that magic actually essentially got rid of Bolas. I mean, he's not dead, but him and Ugin are essentially in a bubble universe and will never come out ever again which is crazy to me hahaha
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    My original thought was actually that the Phyrexians would fuse with Emrakul to become Phyrexian-Eldrazi abominations, but the Phyrexians trying to achieve godhood kinda makes more sense in the larger scheme of things. I mentioned Kamigawa since (if the rumors are true) we might see Kamigawa in a more cyberpunk-like setting, and that sounds much more metallic than the original Kamigawa. So, the Phyrexians could be attracted to a cyberpunk Kamigawa, and would probably want to take it over.

    I highly doubt that Bolas will be gone forever. If Elspeth died and came back, I think it's likely that in at most 5ish years we'll see him again.
  • I'm sure Bolas will make a cameo or two in coming sets, since he was the Big Bad of the most recent major arc. However, since he's had both his planeswalker spark and his name stripped away and been imprisoned on a separate plane, I think any appearances he makes will be purely cameo in nature.
  • Strong hint here:

    This tells us the professions she mentors in each color. From this I conclude Kasima's cabal recognizes a 5 color tribal theme.

    W - Cleric
    U - Wizard
    B - Warlock
    R - Shaman
    G - Druid

    Likely, we'll see something like Party in an organization geared toward an alliance of WUBRG spellcasters. Each group may also have a mono-color internal strategy and organization. Each having a tradition in training embers and graduates who ignited.

    From this:

    As the leader, she likely represents a paragon level skill for her organization.  I think the Planeswalkers she has trained up may have a weaker variant.  Say, each having one loyalty ability that they can share with other planeswalkers.

    WAG I'm calling now:
    Next time we see Nicol Bolas and Ugin, they will be exiting their pocket dimension in power to turn the tide in a war against Phyrexia.  In which case both are likely to meet true death / transcendence from the mortal plane.
  • @mmm3creator I think Bolas coming back like that would be quite epic.

    @RohanDragoon Vivien and Garruk both care about nature A LOT, as far as I understand, so Nature Buds! Vivien's story is ??? so her joining the fray to defeat the Phyrexians would be a great way to continue her story.
  • @feralitator
    At least to me, the ending to wots was a nod from wizards being like "okay, we're done pursuing Bolas, we're gonna move on". Certainly, he isn't dead but basically he is trapped in the meditation realm with Ugin. Ugin fused himself with the meditation realm and also stripped Bolas of his names so he can't be summoned. When last we saw, Bolas couldn't even really use basic spells. 

    In some sense, it's obviously possible if someone went to the meditation plane and killed Ugin. But everyone except Jace and Ugin think he's dead dead. Plus, in his current state, he's really incredibly weak, so I don't know how interesting of a villain he'd be.

    Personally, I think Bolas had a really good run. He's been the main villain of who knows how many storylines and manipulated a ton. I think Wizards might realize that (also how much people were kind of fed up with the Gatewatch v Everything storyline), and put him to rest. Wots introduced lots of other planeswalker characters that have storylines to pursue. At least to me, I think it might be cool to see villains other than Bolas and also leave a story with the villain *actually* being defeated hahahahaha
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    In case you haven't seen anything or are avoiding spoilers, I would recommend not engaging on this thread until it is fully released.
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