Consortium Challenge!

The Infinite Consortium!

Such a grand name for an organization which we know almost nothing about and that has been roundly ignored for years. As far as I know, the only canon modern day intra-planar organization other than the Gatewatch.

With several planewalkers who likely knew how to contact more than one cell, the odds that one or more organizations continuing to claim the name live on. Even if they do not, as a cellular organization, the part on each plane should have continued onward.

Lets get together and fix that. As an example. I've taken a stab at the most prominent member we know of, the one with some fan art. I have cards representing Baltrice on Esper while the Consortium was a going thing, and on Kamigowa immediately after the War of the Spark.

image image
Link to:
Empires III - Kamigowa - Spirits & Samurai:
Her on Innistrad, where she went dark:


So, setting the challenge: Two card minimum entry. The idea is to make things that are tied things together.

The first card must be either a Planeswalker or a Legendary Creature in charge of a Cell of the Infinite Consortium on a plane. Please specify if it is back in the day of the original organization or current.

The second card must be a "Signature Spell". Card type does not matter. For this group, even more exotic types such as a Conspiracy, Plane, or Sheme are perfectly appropriate. You can make a second version of the same character, in which case the first card should be when the Consortium is being run and the second after.

You should specify the plane in each case, the planes may be different.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------

I will be judging. I'll be looking for cards of a total quality such that could reasonably be included in a set them. Art from the same artists, depicts the same person, or clearly depict a specific plane they are on is a plus. Cards featuring a walker or plane known to have a connection to the infinite Consortium are likely to have an edge, but hey "Infinite" so if it's wild but awesome go ahead and submit it.

There will be a 1st through 3rd place, as well as at least one honorable mention. 

1st:  A Follow, 3 Favorites, and 1 boggle
2nd: 3 Favorites
3rd:  2 Favorites
Honorable Mentions: 1 Favorite a piece

There has been some discussion of interesting new prizes here:

Adopted - as per the Story of Noh. A card I find so completely appropriate I may just "take home". It goes into my headcanon will be placed in one of my galleries. I'll comment with a link on your card.

Gallery: I'll be putting together an "Infinite Consortium" set for all cards I consider reasonable additions.

This contest will run until the 17th of May, then it will close for judging.

If the response is good I have ideas for follow up contests, so if you like this contest keep an eye out. Have fun with the hammer & tongs fellow smiths.


  • I am very much down for some character making and stuff, so you'll probably see me around here in the future!
  • Here's my member of the Consortium with his signature spell:
    Obrashai was a successful merchant from Mercadia. When his spark ignited in a warehouse fire, he quickly understood what was happening and saw opportunity. He began trading various items between planes and made quite a profit. Then he acidentally ran into some members of the Infinite Consortium and realised he's not the only one operating like this. At first he saw competition in them but soon came to the conclusion he can't beat this group by himself. That lead to him making a truce with the Consortium and they began to work together. Obrashai's knowledge and skill was extremely useful to the Consortium as well as his well hidden and protected warehouses among several different planes. When the Consortium began to fall apart, Obrashai mysteriously disapeared as he didn't want to get involved in anything serious, but he didn't vanish for long. His trade continued in the background in an attempt to rebuild the trade empire but this time, Obrashai would be the important figure, not merely an asset. And that's pretty much where he finds himself now.
    He's a clever guy, can talk his way out of most situation and he can bribe his way out of the rest. He's really good with words and can convince people to buy pretty much anything. You think you can haggle with him? You might get the impression but in the end, it all happens as he wanted it. He's not a fighter though and that's why he can mostly be seen with a few loyal bodyguards or several safety measures around.
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    Actually never did any work in Mercadia, but we know it is Consortium has turf there and out one entrant so far hails from there.  

    Tweaked usaername's featured "Mercadian Masques" card to create a "Mask" mechanic that is very much like morph, only a little chaos is thrown in:

    Set on Cardsmith:
    Archive on Deviantart:

    I've just started last night and and not top-downed things or have much or a story yet. But so far a few people seem to like Lotus Eater.
  • I think what's missing to me is a full comprehension of what I'm supposed to do. I would join but it isn't clicking for me.
  • Hi Tonysparks  the Infinite Consortium was an interplanar trade organization that fell apart.  An entry consists of one person that was part of the Infinite Consortium, and one card they would be associated with them, both depicting what they are doing in the present day on whichever plane you pic..

    The infinite consortium was a side-group that never got much attention pair to, MTG wiki here:
    A few known individuals and planes are mentioned, but you can create your own. 

    You even combine an entry with another post. For instance, there is one detailing Fabacin now and a Planeswalkers Journey 3.
  • Last day, can extend if anyone says they're working on something.
  • As the sole entrant @ ThePhantomJoker is the first place winner.
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