How to See Old Deleted Cards

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Hi all!

I remember a very long time ago someone said that there was a method for seeing the images of old cards after they had been deleted (for example, after a purge) on google images or something.

I’ve made a lot of cards over my many years here and a lot of my legendary creatures I use as brainstorming for my creative writing. Right now I have lists of the names of these characters but no idea what they were about flavorfully so I can’t actually do anything with them! I was wondering if anybody knew or remembered that or another method for finding old deleted cards. Thanks! Cheers!



  • Mods, correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think you can on the site. However, I have seen instances of some of my cards I deleted in google images. Maybe search by title in google images?
  • Also, welcome back, Dragoon! We missed ya!
  • Haha thanks for the welcome back haha! I updated the original post like a minute after I posted cause I remembered that I think it was on google images but I can’t remember. Like five years on the site will do that to ya lmao
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    You may be thinking of recovering old Disqus threads from deleted cards (which is a thing). To the best of my knowledge the only way you might is exactly what @Ranshi said. Type the name of your card into an image search and hope for the best.
  • Awesome! Thanks for all the help y’all!! Cheers
  • I know that will work if someone put it on pintrest, but I don't know otherwise.
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