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  • Wait... Human?
  • DARN IT!!
  • Alright here's my creation, another box please!

    Also for the favorites of my choice I'll leave em down here (I believe I have 6 due to the returning bonus), minus that feel free to scroll through my terrible library and find something good.
    (Arachnophobia itself)

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    What's the purpose of being live? Other than to chat about a few things in real time! 


    Follow me if you haven't already!
    Things to discuss:
    • Back to basics
    • New prizes that are wonderful for you, personally!
    • Enjoying the Moment
    • Adding those Mystery Box Spotify songs
  • Mystery Boxes

    @samconsumespie your mystery box contains:
    • Prize 333 [NEW!] - Favorites: 1 for each cardsmith who has submitted an entry this deadline = 5 of your choice + 2 of my choice
    • A Mystery Challenge: Create a rare, black enchantment that uses quest counters and interacts with the library.
    @Latinas, for you next box and all other boxes this deadline, make sure you partake in the Xplain Yoself portion of this deadline. Your mystery box contains:
    • Prize 406 [NEW!] - Judge's Credentials: The next time I judge anything, you can judge alongside me.
    • A Mystery Challenge: Create a Phoenix creature card.

  • One more!
  • @Latinas your mystery box contains:
    • Prize 197 - Box (Draft) [Activated]
    • A Mystery Challenge: Create a Legendary Fyndhorn Elf creature card.
  • Quest for Madness
    you can favorite whatever cards you want for the 5 i get to choose
    and i would like another one please!

  • I guess I'm going to put my name in the hat for a mystery box - but a draft is coming soon, so I'll pick whatever is left undrafted.
  • Prize 310: Personal Daily Gambit: Submit a card based on a song.

    Harvest Fair is based on the following song:

    The song evokes the vibe of a Renaissnance fair so i wanted to stay in the neighbourhood of a medieval festival or celebration flavourwise.  However the art for a busy marketplace was better than the others I found so I went with it.  For the card name, Market Festival was already taken so I went down the route of a harvest market.  The card is essentially a Gift of Paradise where the life gain is repeatable like Pristine Talisman, except it has the versatility to simultaneously fix multiple colours of mana and draw a card like Manamorphose.  It pretty much does everything green would want in a land enchantment: ramp, life gain, colour fixing, and drawing.
  • A Mystery Challenge: Create a Slith creature with two different abilities that are either triggered or activated.

    If Slivers can have 5-colour legendary lords then Sliths should be able to as well.  Making a one-off legendary also gives the freedom to step farther away from artistic and design constraints imposed by existing cards, as can be seen from the legendary Slivers.  Since Sliths are a very limited tribe, I wanted to make the lord playable with Changelings while also imparting a benefit to actual Sliths.  The broadened trigger condition for growing your Sliths seemed to fit both needs.  For the second ability, I wanted another way to interact with other Sliths rather than have a bonus that just benefitted the lord.  Finding a use for the +1/+1 counters that would inevitably accumulate seemed to make sense, as did adding an ability to mitigate how easily killed Sliths are at in the beginning.

    Could I get another box?
  • Why go live, but for the sole purpose of sharing my thoughts with you on your wonderful card entries:

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    Mystery Boxes

    Box Draft

    Please choose one that hasn't been chosen:


    The Mangled Misfit Box contains:
    • A Mystery Challenge: Create a rare, Rakdos colored enchantment that's not an Aura.
    The Inappropriate Gallery Box contains;
    • Prize 129 [NEW!] - Piggy Bank: If target cardsmith would receive a prize in their next box and you do not, you get that prize, too!
    • A Mystery Challenge: Human Soldiers are the frontline in all wars. Create a common Human Soldier creature with more than one soldier in the artwork that are part of an army.
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    Live I will be today as I multitask with the following:

    First off, join me and follow me at

    Things to do/discuss:

    • Announcing the Mystery Box Invitational Tournament
    • Commencing the Team Deathmatch
    • Adding a series of new prizes called the "Personal Daily Gambits."
    • Brainstorming ideas for a Mystery Box Saga, together
    • Creating the challenges topics for the Mystery Box Tournament.
    • Cardsmiths with newly named coasters/attractions in Planet Coaster.

    Games to play

    • Planet Coaster - depending on who joins, rides to finish
    • Dead by Daylight
    • MLB
    • Rock Band 4
    • New Game #1

    Today's Deals for Joining the Live Stream

    • Free song addition to the Mystery Box Spotify playlist upon joining
    • 1 random Mystery Box prize given to a random viewer every 30 minutes
    • Insider's first look at the upcoming tournament.
    • 1 prize of your choice (non-Premium) every hour of viewing!
  • I'll take the Inappropriate Gallery Box.
  • i will take the mangled misfit box then
  • Favorites on all entries between now and the end of this deadline!
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    Drowsing Nyxborn
    here is my entry, because of a prize i got i could enter anything i made in the last 3 days so this is it

    ok so this one is quite a simple design, i wanted to use this gorgeous art and it made sense that it was izzet creature that was an enchantment, the sleeping element and it having defender was more flavor with the art, its a cool izzet spells payoff for a theros limited set

    i would like another box please

  • @samconsumespie Don't forget your design process description for your card.
  • ...and the deadline has arrived...

  • Mystery Boxes from the YouTube video

    In case you were not able to check the video out!

    • A Mystery Challenge: Create a non-Legendary mythic rare, blue sorcery card with a quote in its flavor text.
    • A Mystery Challenge: Create a nonland permanent that adds mana and has other abilities.
    • A Mystery Challenge: Create a Human + [Subtype] creature that is also a Seer.

     - The Mystery Box Carnival is now OPEN, thanks to @samconsumespie

    We have 6 all new activities! Please request one from amongst the following when you request your mystery box this deadline!

    Yummy Food
    - A Normal Mystery Box
    • Grab some grub and some beverages and have a seat at a picnic table for a bit
    Two Layer Cake (Double-stacked carousels) A Two Sided Card Challenge where you'll receive two challenges, one for each side of a card. It's up to you how you'll combine the two cards
    • Take a ride on the grand carousel... or jog up the stairs to the mini carousel, perched on top of the grand carousel.
    The Cube The Cube works in mysterious ways.
    • You might see which way is up, down, left, or right, but your body will not know what's happening to it!
    Hammer Swing - A back and forth challenge, where you'll give me a challenge, and I'll give you a challenge based on your challenge.
    • A superb way to fly in the air. You'll float up in your seat!
    Wrangler You'll receive a challenge and submit your card... then I'll twist your card around and retaliate by changing the challenge around on you and you'll re-submit a new card!
    • Sometimes called the Wicked Twister. This coaster will launch you forward and backward, while sending upwards and downwards as you claw the air trying to hold on for dear life.
    Genie - Here's where the master of mystery will get you. An experimental challenge unlike anything you've ever experienced.
    • The Genie is a magical coaster that looks like a curly mustache!

  • Mystery Challenge: Create a nonland permanent that adds mana and has other abilities.
    Cackling Gnoll

    Could I have another box, please?
  • Sure thing @Zaheer_The_Grim
    which of the above modes would you like from the Carnival?
  • I'll take the Genie Mode, please.
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    @Zaheer_The_Grim your mystery box contains:
    • A Mystery Challenge: Create a spider creature card using a photograph you take of a spider.
  • i would like a cube mystery box, i hope its not to design an entire custom cube with cards i make lol
  • @Jadefire your prizes from the stream today!

    2:03:21 - Prize 449 - Dead Rose (When you submit your entry - jpastor will (Favorite -OR- Destroy) all monocolored entries.)
    3:03:21 - Prize 1 - Prismatic Orb (Choose a color to be included for 1 challenge chosen at random in the next batch.)
    4:03:21 - Prize 2 - Joker (Choose and receive 1 prize revealed during the stream.)
    5:03:21 - Prize 3 - Gold Nugget (1 prize from the stream chosen at random - Dead Rose)
    6:03:21 - Prize 333 - Favorites (You get 1 favorite for each player who has submitted an entry this deadline. = 1 of your choice)
    7:03:21 - Prize 100 - Favorites (1 for each box opened this deadline that contained a prize or goody. = 0)
    8:03:21 - Prize 21 - Wagonwheel (Challenge) (Pre-Mystery Box Discussion Challenge) [Activates for your next box.]
    9:03:21 - Prize 269 - Ace of Hearts (You may tag this discussion in your entry to guarantee a prize in your next box.)

    30 Minute random prizes (x14)
    1:29:52 - Prize 49 - Judge's Credentials (Next time I judge anything solo, you judge, too)
    1:59:52 - Prize 268 - A Charm Bracelet (Trade your challenge with another challenge)
    2:29:52 - Prize 227 - Favorites in any combination of 5 (Your choice + my choice)
    2:59:52 - Prize 378 - A Rose (When you submit your entry, you may have jpastor favorite the entry above yours.)
    3:29:52 - Prize 308 - Favorites (3 of my choice) [Done!]
    3:59:52 - Won by samconsumespie
    4:29:52 - Won by samconsumespie
    4:59:52 - Prize 411 - Reading Glasses (When you submit your entry, you may have target cardsmith who submitted an entry in large font create a new entry that must be in small font.)
    5:29:52 - Prize 272 - Element 115 (Whenever you get a mystery box this deadline, you'll get a second mystery box.)
    5:59:52 - Prize 260 - Favorites (2 of my choice) [Done!]
    6:29:52 - Prize 155 - Favorites (On your next entry!)
    6:59:52 - Prize 408 - A Bundle of 5 prizes (See below)
    7:29:52 - Prize 407 - Song Negotiations (Choose 4 - I add 1)
    7:59:52 - Prize 231 - Favroties (You may accept 4 of your choice, if you don't they go to someone else.)
    8:29:52 - Prize 374 - Favoritos (5 of jpastor's choice -or- 3 of your choice)
    8:59:52 - Prize 343 - Challenge (Answer That!) (The next challenge for anyone will be an answer that!)

    Bundle of 5
    Prize 105 - Challenge (Artwork) (One challenge in the next batch will contain only artwork.)
    - PREMIUM Prize 341 - The MTGCS Sticker ($3) (You may accept, and we'll ship to you. If not, you get the non-Premium prize of your choice.)
    - Prize 198 - Challenge (Xplain Yoself) (1 cardsmith of your choice will have to xplain themself)
    - Prize 263 - Dirty Bomb (Destroy all creature card entries submitted up to this point for this deadline. They wont be judged.) [Sorry cackling knoll]
    - Prize 68 - A Lens (You may reveal an undiscovered prize.)

  • @samconsumespie your mystery box contains:
    • A Mystery Challenge: Create a card that's the perfect response (if you were in a match) to the Cackling Knoll (see Zaheer the Grim's entry above)
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    A Mystery Challenge: Create a common Human Soldier creature with more than one soldier in the artwork that are part of an army

    Let me see if I can get this all straight, I'll activate the following prizes:
    Prize 1 - Prismatic Orb: I'll choose green.
    Prize 2 - Joker: I'll take Prize 408 again.
    Prize 21- Wagonwheel: Whatever this is.
    Prize 68 - A Lense: I'll reveal prize 389.
    Prize 155 - Favorites: 
    On my next entry.
    Prize 231 - Favroties: 
    I have plenty of favourites already, give 2 each to the next two cardsmiths to submit Mystery Box cards.
    Prize 269 - Ace of Hearts:

    Prize 272 - Element 115: I'll get a second Mystery Box.
    Prize 378 - A Rose:
    I guess this goes to Cackling Gnoll.

    Let's keep things simple for now, I'll go for Yummy Food.
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