The Fourth Annual Artful August



  • Update: a symmetry thing proved it to be really bad, and so I'm now doing an all-nighter since I have no classes today/tomorrow, and I'm redoing the whole thing. Wish me luck!
  • Ok so I’m not getting this done in time unless something speeds up. I’m currently waiting at an urgent care, and my 30 minute wait when I checked in has extended to a 2 hour wait.
  • @Ranshi
    If your able to submit something half-finished, I would still recommend it.
  • In that case, I’ll submit whatever I have at midnight.
  • @Ranshi
    That's the spirit!
  • @Temurzoa - I'm not sure we can accept that. Was the source material drawn by an actual horse?

  • I'm debating with myself trying to actually finish tonight because if I am lucky and I pick things up quickly, it is technically possible, but it will undoubtedly take me until the due time, and I'm not confident that it will feel worth it should I make this mad dash without any payoff of completion. Anyway, I'm gonna continue contemplating this for at least the next little while as I eat dinner. Any feedback from anyone on this matter would be appreciated.
  • I have decided I will set myself a two-week deadline to complete the piece in the best of my abilities, since, even if I could get it done, realistically, since I was starting from scratch, it'd only be a day of work, and that's not in the spirit of the contest, so yeah, expect to see it, but not tonight, but I will post a picture of the initial sketch that I then had to discard to being a simple loose reference so that the blade and handle can be symmetrical.
  • Anyway, here's the sketch that I was using as a reference for the piece you'll be seeing in at most, two weeks!

  • Thanks @Ranshi and folks on Discord for the help! I originally just showed it to Ranshi to use on one of his cards, but he suggested I enter something over here too!
  • @Faiths_Guide Wassup 
    @Corwinnn t'was a simple Polymorph spell . . . It was foal immersion!
  • Thank you ALL for your entries! We truly appreciate the efforts of everyone! 

    As @ningyounk would point out, it's past Midnight August 31st, 2021 everywhere on the planet, and so this is officially closed!

    Stay tuned for the results....
  • Results are eminent! Just some minor loose ends!
  • The 4th Annual Artful August - Final Results

    Third Place - Blackkettle, Animate Oven by: @theirintheattic
    $10 Amazon gift card + 1 month of premium

    Blackkettle Animate Oven

    This one, for us, was not only a fun card, but the wacky artwork gave it a great feel when combined! A lot of cards fought for Third Place, but in the end, @theirintheattic created an undeniable winner! 

    Second Place - Summit Oracle by @Faiths_Guide
    $25 Amazon gift card + 1 month of premium

    I'm not sure if we've ever had this fierce of a battle before over first and second place, but we certainly had it this year! @Faiths_Guide has created another masterpiece, and it was a great treat to have another entry by this very talented Cardsmith!

    First Place - Captain August Stormborn by @Tomigon
    $50 Amazon gift card + 2 months of premium membership

    Captain August Stormborn

    We knew right away we were going to have a tough challenge with all of the great techniques and design aesthetics the top cards brought to the table. This year @Tomigon really put the hammer down and edged out his competition with this Legendary 3 color Commander. Congratulations are in order for this year's winner, The One and Only Tomigon!!

    Best Artwork:
    Hagiost Sentinel by crawdadswelcome
    Best artwork award: Custom MTGCS Avatar from your original Artwork

    Best Traditional Art:
    Aeryn II, Sword of the People by CassZero
    Best Traditional art award: $25 Amazon gift card

    Best Pencil Drawing:
    Rootsping Grove by DrBrainenStein
    Best pencil drawing: 1 month of premium

    Honorable Mentions
    While we loved every entry into this years contest, a few of them really stood out for us. @Jadefire, @Globert-the-Martian & @Sinxxx

    Albino Coatl  image

    We're looking forward to next year and our Fifth Annual Artful August! 

    All winners will be contacted over the next two days so we can work out the details of your prizes!!

  • Thank you for hosting and judging! And congratulations to all for their great works! 
  • Congrats @Entrants and especially @Tomigon! Thanks for another fun contest!

    Can I gift my month of premium to @crawdadswelcome?

  • @Faiths_Guide - You most certainly can!
  • Thanks for hosting this contest @Corwinnn.  Congratulations to all the winners and top finishers!  There were a lot of great art pieces this year.
  • Congrats to the Winners and HMs!
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    How do we go about claiming Amazon rewards? Gotta buy some stuff for my new puppy that I get to pick up soon.
  • @Faiths_Guide - We will be sending out notifications shortly. 
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