The Forgotten

I'm messing with making my own creature type, but don't know if I'm balancing things well at all.
I made this land and think that I might've made it too unbalanced.


  • @EfficientDoom18
    Though it's a land... it has no add mana ability.

    If this was an artifact by itself and not a land... then it's too powerful. You would need to sacrifice it to gain control of the Forgotten. 

    This would make more sense, especially since the artifact would actually have a casting cost in addition to the other abilities.
  • That makes sense actually. Is there a way to edit a card or will I have to remake the whole thing?

    And do you think a mana cost of 5 would be okay?

  • The updated card!

  • I have created a card for Urium. It may be a bit unbalanced but he's basically the icon of the set so I don't think a bit matters.
  • Not bad buddy!


    Mana cost looks good enough, though the color of the card's frame shows it as a mono-black card... but your mana cost is colorless. You can always change the frame to match your card's mana cost. In this case, you'd change the card color/frame to colorless!

  • @jpastorI
    I thought the frame I chose was black/white/gold? It looks black and white to me...
    Is colorless supposed to dominate frame color?
  • I think white/black/gold is fine, but I'd use the legendary version of the frame. The legendary frames are at the bottom of the list.
  • @EfficientDoom18
    You got the second one right, I was referring to the first one since you asked!
  • @jpastor
    Oh, I thought you were talking about Urium, I see now,
    I'll change that once I go back through the cards again. I still need to remake a few for similar reasons and because they were made before I thought of Urium so they have no lore quote or anything.
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