• Mystery Challenge - Create an Artifact that's your choice of item from the above.

    "...have you ever worn something like this before? It'll come in handy."

    Pendant of Arachnia

    "I'd be happy with this."  I tell the vendor. "It's probably not worth as much as that spear though. Would you split the difference in coin?"

  • [Run Diagnostics]


    [Diagnostics complete. (109) issues found. Report to a repair station immediately.]


    [ERROR: (4) critical issues discovered. Cannot be dismissed.]

    >//gdi who coded this



    [Critical Issues:
    • Coolant damaged/depleted
    • Manafluence Capacitor inoperable
    • Hivelink disconnected
    • Voice Box compromised

    >//they're gone. Hivelink's useless I don't need any reminders stupid code
    >//my voice box works just fine thank you very much. why is it a thing.

    >ignore 'Hivelink'

    [warning—Hivelink; ignored.]

    >ignore 'Voice Box'

    [warning—Voice Box; ignored.]


    [Critical Issues:
    • Coolant damaged/depleted
    • Manafluence Capacitor inoperable

    >search {'Coolant', 'Manafluence Capacitor'}

    [Searching for compatible {Coolant} and {Manafluence Capacitor} near vicinity...]

    [1 result found for {Coolant}; 0 results found for {Manafluence Capacitor}]

    [Run voiceBox("I require that {Coolant} device to ensure my survival."); Run Point({Coolant})]


    [ERROR: voiceBox input ("II require that {Coolant} device to ensure my survival."); voiceBox returned ("II requirEE tHat {Coolant}{Coolant} dedvviCe to enSurEeE my SURVIValllll); voiceBox compromised.]

  • @Tonysparks - Better, yeah? I like it better, so... nice slap!!
  • Challenge: Create a creature card that's an Invoker. (Replacement)

    Now I'm ready for my next spellweb.
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    Twitch Stream - Live Today!!!

    Schedule & Content & Prize Giveaways!

    Jump in to the stream today to have an interactive discussion about MTGCS and forum content, as well as receiving prizes throughout for your continued dedication to my stream!

    If you've never jumped into a twitch stream before or never jumped into one of mine, I promise you, it's worth the click and jumping in to say hello! You might surprise yourself with how fun live chatter with other cardsmiths can be!

    Here is the link to the stream: twitch.tv/cryptocaillou
    1. 10:30 - 11:30 = Mystery Boxes & Mystery Challenge Quest Discussion
    2. 11:30 = Prize Giveaway!
    3. 11:30 - 12:30 = Cardsmith League
    4. 12;30 = Prize Giveaway!
    5. 12:30 - 2:30 = Spellwebs!
    6. 2:30 = Prize Giveaway!
    7. 2:30 - 4:00 = Jpastor's Tournament Series!
    8. 4:00 = Prize Giveaway
    9. 4:00 - 5:30 = Open Discussion about anything!
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    Ogre gets out of the water and says, "I GO."

    The farmer guy holds the pitchfork out as if to say, stay back. Ogre tries to walk around him, but the farmer won't let him pass.

    "What were you doing in my pool?" The farmer grows impatient with Ogre and takes a jab at him. 

    Ogre backs away and falls into the water again. He disappears under the surface of the water. The farmer stands on the shoreline, scanning the surface.

    Suddenly, Ogre bursts out of the water, trampling the farmer... Ogre stops and looks back, "OOPS." Good news, the farmer is okay, but he's a little shaken up. His glasses flew off and a few coins are lying on the ground around the farmer... and you decide against all your better judgement to take either the coins or the glasses from the farmer and run!

    In a mad scramble, Ogre runs back the way he came, past the rock and back into the woods!

    Which did you take?
    • Prize 5 - Madman's Glasses
    • Prize 72 - X Favorites

    Create a multicolored Kavu creature card.

  • Didn't even know that was a creature type
  • @Corwinnn your level 8 SHPELLWEB
    Please choose 4 of the 6
    • Green 1
    • Blue 1
    • Brown 2
    • Lavender 3
    • Light Blue 1
    • Blue 1 (8 o'clock)

  • @MonkeyPirate2002
    Your level 4 Spellweb
    Choose 4 of the 5
    • Dark Purple 1
    • Green 1
    • Dark Teal 1
    • Blue 1
    • Red 2

  • I choose
    • Dark Purple 1
    • Green 1
    • Blue 1
    • Red 2
  • @Jadefire your level 11 Spellweb
    Choose 4/5 of the 6
    • Green 1
    • Green 2
    • Lavender 3
    • Turquoise 4
    • Brown 5
    • Aqua 1

  • I'll take Green 1, Green 2, Lavender 3, Turquoise 4, and Aqua 1.
  • @cadstar369
    your level 8 spellweb
    Choose 4 of the 6
    • Blue 1
    • Dark Green 1
    • Lavender 2
    • Green 3
    • Bright Green 4
    • Lavender 4

  • I'll take [Green 1, Lavender 2, Green 3, Green 4].
  • If I traverse the sands; if I cross that bridge; if I stumble into dusty red specks clinging to scalding hot in-betweens of toes and stuff my face with coarseness and heat; if I scavenge my brethren and your progeny for clanging breath; if I find what you lost; if I claim what you stole; if I return the hateful's love; if I restore what you ruined long ago— 
    I will find you.
    If I crumble in your shadow; if I squeak and creak and careen to the ground; if I flicker; if I falter; if I fall and fail to rise; if I lose faith; if I lose flame; if I lose light; if I lose life—
    I will find you.

    • Blue 1
    • Brown 2
    • Lavender 3
    • Blue 1 (8 o'clock)
  • Create a card of any type with the word "prevent" in the card text.


    My hero will select the Sun
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    Create a multi-colored Kavu card

    I choose the X-favorites prize
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    Your owner flies you, anew, to another location. Here, you both get out and make your way onto a large landing platform. You're in a massive city. The buildings are extremely tall and the walkways are tucked between them, connecting each.

    You enter one of the scrapers and make your way to an elevator. This elevator starts going down. 226 seconds later, you exit the elevator. You're inside a massive complex of hallways, with various doorways leading to different places of interest. As you both make your way around, you finally enter one of these areas. It's a cantina of sorts. 

    Your owner leads you through the small crowd of people and to the back. Your owner, speaking to a fellow who is guarding a tented entrance, is eventually allowed to pass.

    You enter into another chamber where some other constructs can be seen standing alongside their owners. There's a strange being sitting in a chair at the back of this chamber. This is where your owner takes you to next. 

    Your owner stops in front of this character, a strange being, and says to him, "We are here to participate."

    Create this non-Human creature you stand before.

    You've unlocked a new perk: 

    Perceptive: Your character can process settings and situations quicker than most. When this perk activates, an additional blurb of information will be given in italics.
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    Mystery Challenge (Slapped): Create a creature that creates a Food token.
    Duskgrove Hunter

  • @Jadefire

    You are up against the odds as rain begins pouring down. Muddy and slick, the rocky cliff face is not the best place to be, before you can find a way across, you'll need to find some shelter from the rain. No place for a monkey, even though the warrior in you wants to mush on and across. Either way, the decision is still yours to make:
    • Continue in the rain along the canyon rim to find a way across?
    • Head back into the jungle.
    Before you can do anything though, you freeze as the hair on your neck stands tall. Meters in front of you, you spot a Boar creature staring right at you. You have no choice but to engage in battle as it charges at you, its breath creating steam in the air in front of it.

    Choose your course of action:
    • Create an instant spell that's an offensive combat trick.
    • Create an instant spell that's a defensive combat trick.
  • @cadstar369 ;

    It took me a while to figure out that your art was from the elder-scroll card game. Nice.
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    [Member[4] Profile modified. Name: Unknown. Observed manafluence: Unknown. Rank: "owner." Directive: Escape.]


    [WARNING: All identified escape routes have extreme risk attributed. Advise with caution.]

    >Directive[4]: Follow orders until Safe

    [Directive for Member[4] modified: Follow orders until Safe.]

    [NOTICE: Unauthorized transmission received. From: Model TX-910, "Functionary". Possibility that transmission contains malicious information.]

    [Open transmission? Y/N]


    [Query Response: Y. Opening transmission...]

    [Transmission("Name, Model, and Additional Modifications? Requests?"]

    >Transmission response{
    Name: Prismaira,
    Model: Daedaltech Mk-3,
    Additional Modifications: Coolant Module, Model 05, used,
    Requests: None}

    [ Confirm Transmission Response{Name: Prismaira, Model: Daedaltech Mk-3, Additional Modifications: Coolant Module; Model 05; used, Requests: None}. Y/N]


    [Transmission Response Canceled.]

    >Transmission response{
    Name: Prismaira,
    Model: Daedaltech Mk-3,
    Additional Modifications: Coolant Module; Model 05; used,
    Requests: Do not submit the name subject Profile[4] gives to the best of your ability.}

    [Confirm Transmission Response{Name: Prismaira, Model: Daedaltech Mk-3, Additional Modifications: Coolant Module; Model 05; used, Requests: Do not submit the name subject Profile[4] gives to the best of your ability.}. Y/N]


    [Transmission Response sent.]

    >//Let's see how you fare with a bit of resistance, mister.

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    As the engines are revving, you ultimately begin to question whether you should stay on this vessel before it leaves. As a result, you:
    • Can leave
    • Can stay
    If you stay, you'll be able to rummage around for supplies. As well, you spotted a Bag of Gemstones in one of the bags that fell. You'll be able to grab hold of those should you choose theft as a means of acquiring more items!

    You've also managed to find more coins, and you see a musical instrument lying in one of the corners, though it's in a case.

    What will your decisions be?

    Create a card with an alternative casting cost.

    Prize 125 - Photography (Challenge)
    Prize 126 - Song (Gambit) -or- Prize 89 (Bag of Gemstones)
  • @ShadowReign please choose 4 of the 5 for your level 4 Spellweb!
    • Teal 1
    • Dark Yellow 1
    • Light Green 1
    • Purple 2
    • Dark Blue 1

  • @jpastor don't forget my entry :D
  • oh snap, right when you posted, what are the chances
  • @Tonysparks
    X Favorites = 2 favorites!

    You reached 4 Mystery Box Points with this level up! Please choose a nonpremium prize of your choice! https://mystery-boxes.webs.com/apps/blog/categories/show/2263171-prizes

    Your level 10 spellweb - Choose 3 or 4 of the 6
    • Red 1
    • Blue 1
    • Green 2
    • Purple 3
    • Yellow 4
    • Bright Green 1

  • @jpastor are they of your choice or mine? Eitherway i'm cool.

    I choose all the 1's and green 2

    Ill choose the prize later, terrible wifi rn
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