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  • I'm excited to see how my Elder Giant Commander Cycle [Revised] does tomorrow!
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    oooh wow! @jpastor your feedback is super helpful!

    I might edit Siege of Shadows to add trample (thanks for that suggestion!!!), but just for future looks at it, it is designed for a set with a focus on -1/-1 counters, which negates your concerns about its power level for where its design is aimed.

    Also GG @Usaername , your cards were super cool!
  • Good match @Rayne-Lord!  I thought you were going to get me with Oath of the Unvanquished.
  • > damn that's my first win? 
    > wait i'm in A-league? when did that happen?
    > I should really make more cards so that I can get the TOC cards out of there, and Tranquil Memorial, huh
  • @Usaername, I looked to see if you had asked to be in A-League or if you had won B-league, thus putting you in A-League, but I couldn't find anything.
  • @Usaername @Ranshi A few of us from C-league got moved to B-league this season. So I guess if do relatively good for a few seasons you could get moved.
  • I already knew that if you win a season, you get moved up, but I didn't realize sequential good performance also did it.
  • B-League Uploads 4/12 - Week 2

    @Corwinnn vs @East2West (Score updated after video. Video results not indicative of official score.)

    @FireOfGolden vs @LyndonF

    @Revan vs @Tox

  • Imagine losing a point because you created a silver card for funny purpose
  • @FireOfGolden no one is saying not to make silver-bordered cards.  It's just for judging purposes, it's like trying to compare apples and oranges.  As the majority of cards made by cardsmiths fall more into the category of "serious" cards that are designed to be playable with existing Magic cards, it's something of an implicit understanding that it's by black-bordered card standards that Cardsmith League cards will be judged.  Making a silver-bordered card need not necessarily result in an automatic loss against a black-bordered card, but it's like making a common card to go against a rare card, you're more likely to cross a line that will end up getting you penalized, which means you'll just have to make sure your design is really on point.
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    I'm quite enjoying these judge videos.

    Imagine losing a point because you created a silver card for funny purpose

    When it gets right down to it, you can make an effort to deliberately make serious, strategically interesting cards all of the time in order to do well at this contest if that's what you really want. I kinda did that this week because I'd like to see how that'd roll in a video review. But I don't think I'll ever be competitive A-league because this is a constantly ongoing thing and I enjoy making silly cards every now and then, and ultimately you shouldn't let one ongoing contest dictate how you design cards if it's not what you'll enjoy.

    Like, just make what you wanna make. If it means you'll lose one point one week in this one contest, then... I mean it doesn't need to be that big of a deal if you don't let it.

    Just... just roll with it, fam. It's all cool. 
  • @jpastor You misread how Informative Lecture functions, which is understandable since it's a weird one.

    It only triggers when your opponent copies a spell, which Demonstrate as an ability makes them do. Also Demonstrate is not a custom keyword.

    Also they do not draw the cards, you do and only you do. 

    Idk if that changes anything, but I want to make sure that you understand the intention/functionality of the card.

  • @East2West
    Yes my judging team caught that and we updated the score afterwards.
  • Oh my bad, I just saw the disclaimer on the vid link
  • I missed the judging on @Jadefire and I’s match. I don’t know what happened. I’m. Guessing i lost this one?
  • @Rayne-Lord it was a really close match bit I did end up taking it 4-3. You should be able to see the judging on the Monday Twitch video.
  • I don’t have twitch, will it be posted here @Jadefire @jpastor ?
  • oh I unpublished that stream - let me process a highlight of the match for you @Rayne-Lord and @Jadefire

    when I have a sec lol
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    This will be the link once it is done processing - also - my controller died halfway through - so the clip is cut short before the end of the match. but Jadefire won 4-3.
  • @jpastor you go really in depth and you say stuff how it is. I think I dig this contest. Thanks for the feedback. I hadn't even noticed that I forgot to define X in Tolgar.

    Tolgar is meant to be an impersonation of a bad DM in a dnd game, or a dm who has had enough of your bs in a roleplaying setting, so that was the aim for the venture on landfall mechanic. Each land is a new map with new adventures. The creature with adventure clause is meant to represent us as a player playing the DM's dungeons.

    Tolgar's counter/tutor ability is meant to represent the Dungeon Master spamming random shit to kill the adventurers. For example let's say you cast krenko and counter it for some reason, then tutor a goldspan dragon, it would be "turns out Krenko, The Tin Street Kingpin was a dragon in disguise," or something in a story context.
  • Neat, neat. I do appreciate the feedback.

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    Thanks for the feedback!
    For context, all of my cards featured in the video are based on the Borderlands video games. The Bee is a personal forcefield generator that you can find in the game. I should rethink how the Shield mechanic works, it's wordy and The Bee turned out a bit too strong.
    Since the Borderlands games are sci-fi games with guns and cars and loot, there's a lot of artifact-related mechanics in most of the cards.
  • I don't mind that I lost my thing. 
  • @Tonysparks that’s really creative!
  • I'm out of the league for now because I'm not planning on posting more cards on cardsmith for a while.
  • Okay @Tox

    I'll leave you in until I can find a replacement. Meantime I'll move you to the inactive division.

    Thanks for the heads up. Sorry to hear.

  • @jpastor, the A League is judged today, right?
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