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  • @hileandr I agree about the limiting part, but I think the structure works. I just save my ideas somewhere for later. Conversely you can just make the cards and just see how they do. I do believe @Jpastor said make the cards as if you are not making them for the contest, so just do your thing.
  • @hileandr I'm feeling you.  Anyone who regularly participates in forum contests or just wants to make the cards they want to make experiences the added pressure of "performing" on every card they create compared to someone who's less active and can just take their time to focus on creating the best dueling lineup possible.  No one wants to be a source of "free" wins for others in the league, but it seems the two goals are at odds.  I'm pretty over it by this point, I'm not going to check my next week's matchups and try to line up my cards with my opponent's anymore, it's too stifling as you say.
  • So when is this going to happen again? No clue how this works?
  • Your division is every Tuesday @Ashdust
  • Coolcool
  • @hileandr

    I'd like to type all this out, but I'd rather respond to this vocally in hileandr's next video. It will make more sense to speak my thoughts than to type them... In any case, I hear you and I'll have both an alternative and a rebuttal.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I know you only want the best!
  • @jpastor
    Just got around to watching the videos of the judging, good work.
    I think I need to reword my Tatarski card, the intention was that it is no longer a creature when you remove the counter on the second part, not just loosing the decayed part.
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    Catching up on stuff here now.

    @jpastor, if you're interested, you can add the artwork credit in the card text by just adding a few line breaks and including the text 'on' the card far enough down that it doesn't appear visually on the card. My Disqus comments with links were being auto-flagged for a little bit and I started doing it then. I try to do it on all my cards now but there isn't always enough space in the card text.
  • @jpastor I see that the standings have been updated. Is there a live judging you’re doing today at all?
  • @jpastor Wait, when's the league ends?
  • @FireOfGolden
    The League goes year round. The current season ends in June.

    I will try my best!
  • Oh gosh, looking at those cards I made, its been a while guys lol
    Ill have to try again some other time with some better design tricks up my sleeve! :p
  • @jpastor are you gonna make videos for this round of judging?
  • @Ranshi
    I will try!
  • @jpastor take your time, don't let people hustle you.  I'm sure I and many others appreciate your commentary, and they are always best when one has the time to make them.
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    Amendments to League

    • Playoff Eligibility
    • Inactivity
    Hello Cardsmith Leaguers,

    Whether you are concentrating every single card or just having fun, you should feel encouraged to create whatever you would like, free of any fear of not making playoffs. 

    Due to the current format of the cardsmith league, some cardsmiths may refrain from making cards because they feel it will hurt their chances of winning any given match. Division alignments are the only current remedy for performance success.

    Thus, the following amendments have been made in an effort to make the cardsmith league more opportunistic for all active cardsmiths.
    1. Instead of determining if a cardsmith is active vs inactive at the end of playoffs, the deadline to meet the active requirements is now at the end of the regular season, before playoffs commence.
    2. If you are deemed inactive at the end of the regular season, you will not be eligible for playoffs. (The definition of an active cardsmith is anyone who has made 7 or more cards since the start of the season.)
    3. The top 4 cardsmiths will no longer make playoffs. Instead, all active cardsmiths will make playoffs for their division, and matchups will be posted according to rank.
    The above amendments are considered final. Thanks all! Keep Calm and Cardsmith On!

  • @jpastor Sounds good. I tend to make one or two cards a day, except on weekends, so I think I'm good. 

    Not trying to hustle anyone, but do you know when you're judging B-division? I'm eager to hear my cards judged again. Take all the time you need, I'm just curious. Have a good day :>
  • I'm not inactive per se, just brain dead after work and not making cards as often as I would like!
  • Is everything alright? @jpastor ;
  • @Rayne-Lord Just delayed this week from life commitments.
  • @Jadefire word. No worries 
  • Thanks guys - posting results now!
  • @jpastor Eyy! Nice. Don't worry about rushing it so we can see it early, if you've got stuff going on let us know. Don't feel obligated to put this over more important things. Can't wait for the results :>
  • Are you posting them here?
  • @Ashdust Just bookmark the league page and you can check for updates whenever you want.
  • Thank you 
  • Looks like I am going to C League next season
  • What is PF and PA?
  • @jpastor Can you tell me about PF and PA?
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