Origins Custom Planeswalker Challenge

Is there anyone here who isn't excited about the upcoming transform planeswalkers? Since this is a community of custom card creators, we'll be having a challenge in honor of this entirely new card concept. To compete, simply submit your own custom planeswalker with their non-ignited side. Beyond this, I'm really hoping to see how creative everyone here gets.

I'll be judging these cards based on their originality and balance, as well as how interesting their abilities and inborn flavor are.

1. No existing characters from MTG or other franchises.
2. Artists must be credited on the submitted cards.
3. 2 sets of entries (planeswalker and origin card) per person.
4. Submissions due and judging begins May 2.

1st place - 5 favorites and 5 comments on cards of your choice. I will make 3 cards to accompany your winning entry.
2nd place - 3 favorites and 3 comments on cards of your choice.
3rd place - 1 favorite and comment on a card of yours.


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