Two-Headed Giant Challenge #3 - Meld

Hi! In case for some reason you didn't pay attention, this is Llamalord44! :P This is the third two-headed giant challenge, and was created by my sheer excitement for Eldritch Moon (See below.) The rules for a two-headed giant challenge are -

- You must team up with another cardsmith. Both of you must post a card for the contest and post the name of your teammate with it. If I see someone teamed up with multiple people, they'll either have to pick one of them or forfeit.

- This is not really a rule, just a clarification. Both members of a team will get the prize they win. I will not divide it.

For this contest, you must use the new Meld ability. It's like morph, but also not. Take a look - + =Brisela, Voice of Nightmares + = Hanweir, the Writhing Township + = Chittering Host

The members of each team must make one of the two melding cards. The third card that they transform into can be created by either or both of you. That doesn't matter. You have until 7/20/16. Prizes will be announced with the winners! Good luck everybody!


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