Official Contest: Enter the Grove - Winners!

Greetings Cardsmiths!
In celebration of the release of our new playmat for 2016, we're having a Forest Grove contest. Show us your creatures, the power of the elements or perhaps even travelers wandering through this place of nature.


- First prize: Cardsmith Grove Playmat, 3 months MTGCS premium membership
- Second: 2 months MTGCS premium membership
- Third: 1 month MTGCS premium membership

All participants will unlock a unique forest cloak avatar for their MTG Cardsmith profile!

How to Enter:
Post the card url in this thread to enter the contest. One submission per user, so make it count!
Entries must be posted by Aug 31, 2016. Winners will be announced by Sept 16, 2016.

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Eligibility - Entrants must be over the age of 13 to redeem prizes. Residents of the United States or Canada are eligible for physical prizes. Each entrant/address may only win one prize. Previous contest winning cards or featured cards are not eligible, sorry. Each entrant authorizes their card submission & username for contest and future promotional use by MTG Cardsmith. By following the contest entry steps listed here you agree to the terms and rules of the contest. Limit 1 entry per person.


  • Only one entry, so I better plan my card out and turn it in once I'm happy with it!
    Super Excited!!
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    Finished my submission :) Cheers to all the participants.


    Tried to also make it function comfortably in Standard (for... whatever reason...)
  • That is a very pretty playmat.
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    Oooooooh! I want that playmat!

    EDIT: BTW, who is judging this contest?
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    This is one nice playmat! I gotta really plan this thing!

    By the way, can we change our entries?
  • @Gelectrode MTG Cardsmith is judging, harshly. ;)
    @TrippleBoggey3 Nope, one shot only. (Don't miss)
  • @mtgcardsmith, I know this is a stupid question, but I've only been here for a month so is the mtgcardsmith account a joint between the mods or a separate person?
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    Laments of the Land

    Sky was red and the plane was crimson. It was Evening. A word not spoken for thousands of years. Evening. The next dawn was years away and the plane was tumbling. Tumbling towards darkness. Tumbling towards night. That was the way in Lorwyn. Lorwyn. There will be no Lorwyn. No more light. No more day. Day was here but night will come; light was here but darkness shall rise. The way the world is. The way it has always been.
    Even the strongest cannot resist the fear of night, nor the wonders of day survive at night. That was what is was. Dangerous. Deadly. And though the lights of day go hiding at night... Not all shall live and many shall suffer.
    That was the way with the elves. They could hide, but it was hard. It was pain. It was despair. They must leave their homes, their trees, their nature, their light and live in the pain of darkness. Their hiding could be safe, but it was not pleasant. But still, no one stayed behind.
    And then there was one Lys Alana tribesman. He was different. He refused. The land was his and the nature belonged. He could not leave his beloved woods. He would not leave. He would hold till the end and stay with the woods. That was where his heart belonged.
    So when his family left and his friends farewell, none understood him. But he knew well. To live where he'd die and to fight for his home. That was his plan. That was his philosophy. That was his life. That was his destiny.


    And till this day, he will be remembered, as the one who lived. Ask the one who died. As the last warden of the forest. As the last keeper of the woods. As the last true elf of Lorwyn.
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    Inspiration for my card:

    I have played Magic Duels for a very long time and I really enjoyed it. However, because they want you to spend money, the cards are all not too good. An ally deck can be easily built, a vampire deck too but it's not so good... An aura based deck... Really there's not much. But, I built an elf deck. And in that deck, there are 31 elves. The elves mainly revolved around 2 key cards: One (Jagged Scarred Archer) was removed by WOTC (I hate you), and the other was Lys Alana Huntmaster. I do play in real life, but my parents won't let me buy new cards, so I prefer that elf deck. Because of that, Lys Alana Huntmaster, (a common), became my favorite card. Phyrexian Obliterator, Force of Will, Monastary Mentor, Elspeth Tirel, Elesh Norm, Lighthouse Cronologist and Flagstone of Trokair are the other favorites (Ranked 4-10). My number 2 and 3 are High Chief of Penance tied with Vindicate, and Backup Plan tied with Ordic, Master Tactician. Actually, my number 1 is also tied with Nissa Revane.

    Back to the topic of inspiration. So, as Lys Alana Huntmaster was my favorite card, I would of course make an elf token maker and a Lys Alana card. For the name, I noticed a card named Guilt Leaf Dean, so I named it Lys Alana Dean. I wanted an elf riding a moose, but I couldn't get good art like that so I went with another piece of art I've been saving up for a long time. Of course, I'd use an elf warrior. However, for the ability, I knew I had to combine some elves with lands. So I twisted my ideas, along with the idea of multiple 1/1 elves, and I got this card.

    Dounsides to this card:
    -Only 1 elf token per turn, unlike Lys Alana Huntmaster
    -Flavor text was not my best
    -Forgot to put Shuffel Deck

    Note: Notice I didn't put "Whenever a Forest enters the battlefield" and put "Whenever you play a Forest"

    Artist: thegryph
  • One more thing, then I will leave you alone: Who is the artist who does these fantastic pieces of art? I really like his/her artwork!
  • The artist is Chase Velarde ( and he's amazing.
    Now, on with the contest entries!
  • A card I made a while ago, based off of Guild Wars lore. Nicholas travels the world with Yakkington and gives gifts to those who bring him what he is collecting.
  • When the spirit of the forest itself adopts your form, you know you have earned its respect.

    Seriously though, its a card that can only be cast during a certain circumstance (this circumstance being the forest recognizing a new, powerful entity on the battlefield). The creature enters as a copy of the creature that allowed it to manifest, but the spirit of the forest stays verdant, making its color and all affiliated mana costs green.
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    @mtgcardsmith Are cards we've made before the contest (or remakes of those cards) eligible? I have a perfect card for this!
  • @Tommia - Previous Contest winners and Featured cards are the only ones marked as ineligible, but that is a good question!
    When the forest is threatened, a guardian will arise.
  • Sorry I forgot to give recognition to the artists! The art was by sandara.
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    Here is mine, I swapped the links on accident:
  • This is my entry. It works well later in the game, when you have a lot of forests out.
  • Cool art, cool theme, great artist, keep it up MTGCS!
  • Do I have permission to edit my entry @mtgcardsmith
  • Hmm, I don't expect to win, but this has the power of all of the elements:
  • @TrippleBoggey3 - Official Contests for Prizes are traditionally one shot, no edits. It creates a lot of extra work when 70 people start editing and re-editing their cards... time taken away from development (and families).


    My entry. The art looks quite cool, but I'm not a huge fan of it, but I really like the design of the card itself.
  • A bit of lore, in which my card is supposed to come in in the plot of Oath of the Gatewatch.

    Nissa ran. The only sound in the whole of the forest was her quick, hurried breathing. no birds chirping. No cracking of sticks as wolves and other woodland animals misplace their feet. The Eldrazi had silenced all that a long time ago

    She needed to be going quickly. The misty depths of the forest held all kinds of hidden secrets, shadows of things that couldn't be seen, the bodies of creatures long since consumed by Kozilek and his brood. If she didn't come back in time, the Gatewatch would come looking for her. And then what? If the Eldrazi found them all together, they would not hesitate to destroy them.

    She slowed down, tired, and sat down on a felled tree-trunk. She reached for her water-bottle, and took a long sip. Then she noticed something by her feet. Something...White, and other-worldly.

    She reached down to touch it. It resembled...Crystals. Bismuth crystals. What could it mean?

    And then she remembered. What left behind the same kind of thing? Kozilek. When they had seen him, she had noticed the stuff in the places he had consumed.

    "Oh, no..." she murmured.

    Sudden;y, the ground erupted beneath her feet, and she was thrown off her seat. She let out a startled cry, and unsheather her sword.

    Turning to face the Eldrazi, she cut at its tentacles. It was huge. Kozilek had been near here, and had left behind some of his brood, ready to take down the animist. It was huge, almost the biggest she had seen yet, and she lashed out at it. But it was futile. The beast was gaining ground.

    The thing uprooted a tree, and threw it down at her, corrupting her plane, her land.

    "If you die, monster," Nissa said, "then I die with you!"

    She leaped at the creature, sword in front of her...

    ...But then the Eldrazi was knocked away. The biggest elk she had ever seen emerged out of a small copse of trees behind her, antlers glowing red, and hurled itself at the Eldrazi. Its antlers cut away at its tentacles, and a ghastly sound omitted from its throat, as the Eldrazi died.

    The elk turned to face her.

    "You," it said, "are welcome, but really should get going now."

    And that was the first and last time she had ever heard a deer talk.

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