Thanks and farewell, MTG Cardsmith!

So, as I mentioned in the 1 mana 3/3 contest, I’m going to be leaving MtGCardsmith. I took a break a few months ago without saying anything but after having spent so much time on this site I thought it’d be better to let people know I was leaving rather than just inexplicably disappearing again.

Basically, I’m just going to be really busy for the near future. I’m about to go travelling for a few months, starting with the Far East (maybe I’ll drop in and see Tomigon!) so I’ll be away until next year anyway and when I get back I’ll need to get serious with the career if I’m going to get to where I want to be. The problem is I’m a massive procrastinator.

I don’t know if it’s ever happened to you but I can spend ages making a card, most of it usually looking for art. I’ll finish a card, look up and think it's what o’clock!? I guess I’ve also kinda run out of ideas and I can’t devote the time to thinking about cards like I used to. Plus I just reached 100 contest winning cards and figured it’d be a good time to retire anyway (insert shameless self-promotion link: )

I was going to mention everyone I’ve gotten to ‘know’, so to speak, on here but it’d take forever and you all know who you are. In particular, good luck to @Tomigon, @milanaarz and @Grimshac on your various MtG projects (loving the Gotham set so far, @platypusburger). Thanks to @Gingerwitchcraft, @Cryptonight, @ningyounk and everyone else for your feedback. @Zanmato and @mintyfreshmana for the great support and enthusiasm. @CrucibleofHate and @kauyon for the entertainment. @Beeswax, @teacup, @seaspray4TF3, @benw, @Gelectrode, @AustinSmith and @cadstar369 for some of the coolest cards here. @strongbelieves and @King_Devil_II (wherever you are) for the awesome contests. @Faiths_Guide for getting that whole squee thing under control. @MrRansom and @koover for recently returning and making the site a better place. @Oshuja89, @saveria201, @mila and @annie for being some of the best ‘newer’ members here, with hopefully more to come. @Biblio2 for being so cool. @Corwinnn for being @Corwinnn. And of course @MTGCardsmith for the awesome site and all the cool new features. It’s been so much fun interacting with everyone and making cards, so thanks in particular to MTGCardsmith for making it happen.

As I said above, I didn’t want to disappear without saying anything. I’m also basically writing this as a promise to myself not to jump back into MTGCardsmith when I get back from travelling because I know getting swept up in all the contests will take up a lot of my time once more. Then again, I might sneak a quick look when I get back, see a bunch of sparkly new features and think ‘what the hell… let’s make some cards’.

Until then,


p.s. loving the painborn cards for the mechanix challenge – hope you guys have fun with it! :D


  • Huzzah! Best of luck to you in your future endeavors!
    Be sure to send us a postcard!
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    Animist is dead, long live Animist!

  • You'll be missed Animist. I wish you and your career a good luck and happy days! I know you'll come back again when you settle down to a new life:) Until then, sayonara my friend!

    don't forget to drop by my page in your coffee break and check out my awesomeness.
  • Your thoughtfulness and attention to detail will certainly be missed. We'll be doing our best to make new features shine for your return, but wish you luck in your next adventures!
  • Have a good time and enjoy traveling. Sounds like a really great time lies before you and I wish you to spend it the best way you can.
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    My mention in the description, LOL. I'll definitely miss seeing all your prolific awesomeness here on the site @Animist! Have a great on productive time on all your future adventures!
  • It's sad seeing you go but it's great watching you leave!

    Wait, no, that isn't right...
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    Aw man, I'll miss you. I wish you the best of luck in your endeavors, and I truly feel like we will be losing one of the best.

    Thank you for supporting the early cards I made and inspiring me to continue with this site, beyond just the spiders; furthermore, this lil' bit of encouragement has gone a long way and I found out how to use my own art for (anything on the computer) by uploading pictures I drew in real life and editing them in PhotoShop.

    I hope you find peace and happiness in your travels to come, and one day find the time to return to periodically create the beautiful cards that you do.
  • Thanks for the mention @Animist ! Good luck, and have fun!
  • If you are just half as thorough in real life as you are with your cards, you're going to go far. Best of a luck.

    Have a good one.
  • Bye! I didn't know you! (I'm newer.) but you seem genuinely nice, so good LUCK!!!
  • @Animist

    When your cards first got explosive I knew something went down. It was like if @WarriorofNature came back from the dead or something. Now I have said billions of times I am an old cardsmith and am still not on the popular cardsmith list (). Which means I have met plenty here some not a favorite on any card. I know you can't turn back from what your doing please follow my one request, try not to not pay attention to the past, the present and future are what is worth it more then to be down in the precious time we all have.
    For me and I am pretty sure everyone has had those times where they take a little break from Cardsmith because of School, Work, etc. As the Sun sets and the Moon rises sometime dawn will come again. I know we all will remember you and your story here.
    Nissa must leave Zendikar sometime.

  • Lol. The entertainment. My life is complete. XD
  • @Animist

    I barely even know you. See, I'm new, and though I've been here since this site started, I only got my account a month ago (I don't know why). But, I have seen you for along time, and though I never paid attention to you much (only @Faiths_Guide for like a whole year), I first noticed you when I saw your Selfpox. That card impressed me so much, that I would start "stalking" your account, even though I was only an "anonymous". Unfortunately for me, Halo 5 had came out and I was busy watching Halo 5 on YouTube and stuff, and then school, so I forgot to check Magic for a while. I actually quit Magic for many months due to Halo 5.

    1 month ago, after coming home, I was bored out of my mind and I remembered this site. I came back, created another account, only to forget everyone but @Faiths_Guide. I started spamming some contests, but I had experience, so my first few cards weren't that bad. And a positive was my first card ever made on that got onto I still noticed you, and for a while, I actually thought you were one of those dirty o' spammers.

    But then, I saw a card you made, a remake of selfpox! That amazing card came back! Then I remembered you, all those cards you had once made! You can be considered an inspiration for everyone, and though I feel you should not leave, I understand your decision and I know you should start a new life, out of Magic.
  • Thanks for mentioning me, good luck to you..
  • We'll miss your wit and your eye for detail, Animist. Farewell!
  • Farewell Animist! Good luck on traveling!
  • You'll be missed!
  • Good luck. Cardsmith is really a wonderful, but chronophagic (does this word even exist in english?) experience. This isn't maybe the place to write this, but I'm going to start my studies this year and from next week on, I'll be leaving this website too.

    But IMO, you've always been the most creative cardsmith, both designwise and flavourwise, and most of your cards could reallistically be adapted to a real set. Now use your talent IRL on other tasks. Good luck again!
  • Good luck, @Animist! I don't really 'know you', but I'm pretty sure we interacted at least once or twice. Honestly, it's hard to remember due to my sporadic activity in the recent past. I do know for certain, however, that you've been a great contributor to the site, and I look forward to your eventual return, should that happen!
  • k thanks bye
  • It's been a pleasure having you in the community, even if I haven't been here too long. I wish you the best of luck, and I just want to say thanks for all the inspiration you have given to all of us.
  • Thanks for being an inspiration for me as well for a lot of smiths around here, @Animist.
    Your awesome cards, great feedbacks and overall contribution to this community will be missed!
    All the best for your future!
  • And thus, his job done, Animist opens a rift to the next plane in need of his help and steps through.
  • You'll be missed! Good luck out there! :D
  • :'-) Farewell. Visit us sometime, if you have a few minutes to spare. Good luck with your career!
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    A Swan Song To Remember.

    Love is Evol, Life is a F in Lie and the 2016 U.S. Presidential election is a blatant ripoff of the plot from Shrek. I am glad I could enterain you @Animist, best of luck in all you attempt in this life and may the wind always be at your back while the road rises to meet your step.

    Peace and love be with you all mtgcardsmith, @kauyon out.
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