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lets attempt to play an mtg game in forums well just post our battlefields up on our turns and say what else we are gonna play, maybe not very efficient but anyone wanna try it? use an irl deck and we'll play by honor system, it worked with me and a friend talking on skype so why not instead of vocal we can do typing? we can have multiple games going on at same time 2, just have @(player name) on all yours and your opponent does the same so you know what posts to look at, and when games over, remove @s so you can play again

WINS ( if you win ill add your name to leader board with #wins)



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    This is vintage. I draw 7 and keep on the play. I play a black lotus and a volcanic island. I crack the lotus for {g}{g}{g} and use two of the {g} to play channel. I generate 19 {c} with channel at the cost of 19 life, then I tap the volcanic island for red and use the 19 {c} and floated {g} to cast fireball for X=20 for a turn 0 win.

    Good game.

    Edit: You do know you and your opponent have to confirm you pass priority after each action and step, right? You can't just post a turn, a game would take at least a few hundred of posts.
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    @Corwinnn @strongbelieves wanna play, ill use my blue deck got it rn

    edit: it'd be casual just say what you wanna do then if they have anything they be like one sec fam i think it'd work
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    ALSO we can just edit one post (using it like our battlefield) and on bottom of post say what you are doing that turn so nah only 2 post not over 100s and it may take a long time but it can be like scrabble with friends

    i'm a human with a brain any problems arrive, i can solve them
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    @strongbelieves I draw 7 and keep the hand, I start game with 2 gemstone caverns in play, i discard 2 mountains, i tap one of the gemstone caverns for {b}, i use that {b} to cast Flusterstorm, countering your fireball, then i tap the other gemstone caverns for {r}, i cast lighting bolt putting you at -2.

    Good Game.
  • You people need some Flash Hulk in your life.
  • Who wants to play Standard with me?

    I will play with zombies with my UB bad deck.
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    @ZendikarIncarnate i will, with my RB prowess deck
    i'l choose heads and flip a coin,
    it's tails, who goes first?

    also make sure to just edit your original post so we don't end up with crazy amount of posts
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